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I got a mention in the Globe and Mail on Friday, which is always cool, especially considering the post they linked to has both ass sex and drunk jokes.
I went 0-3 last week, making it my worst week since that time I had a dream with Don Cherry in it.
My archives have had an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, yet didn’t bother to seek medical attention.
Considering how I rip off their content each and every week for my own amusement, I should really do my best to drum up some financial support for Wikipedia.
I stumbled upon a page that had like 200 pictures of women in various sexy attire, taken just from a little Facebook searching. I’m going to give the much coveted top spot to Weakonomics this week, who has some interesting thoughts about buying stuff in bulk and how that affects your consumption habits of said product. According to some study linked to by Larry McDonald over at Canadian Business, active investors are more social than our passive investing brethren. Dividend Ninja has hit the big time, since he’s got Hank Coleman to do his dirty work of actually writing the articles. And finally, the Blue Jays restricted alcohol sales at their home opener this week in an attempt to minimize fighting. That’s What She SaidJT on Should Canadian Investors Get The Morningstar Premium Membership?Should Canadian Investors Get The Morningstar Premium Membership? A 13-year-old girl who's recently won high praise and widespread media attention for her breakthrough ecological research stole her findings, says a Florida scientist.Dr. Lionfish, a tropical native of the Indian and Pacific oceans likely introduced through the pet trade, have been colonizing swaths of the Caribbean and Atlantic for years - from the U.S. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
So when I find one that ham-handedly tackles religion, it’s like someone got chocolate in my peanut butter. For the uninitiated, Rob Liefeld, is something of a joke among comic book fans and one that typifies the 90’s era of comics.

His work was remarkably lazy and he tried to cover up his artistic weaknesses by covering his line and figure work with giant shoulder pads, a plethora of pouches and oddly, random cylindrical shapes just popping out of a character’s back.
So, when his comic studio commissions a comic book where the Christian and Greek mythologies go to war, how would you expect that to turn out? I still have a hard time understanding how any editor allowed that cover to ever see a printer’s press.
I think part of the reason superhero comics are so poisoned to me is because everyone was telling me how hot Liefeld was in the 90s. Recent CommentsGlenn on XL: More Sounds About Science and Religion«Game of Thrones»-recap, S06E03: Velkommen tilbake, lillelord! 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. To her, being forced to sing a solo in the church choir--despite her average voice--is fate: because it's while she's singing that she first sees Sam. I got a bunch of visits to my post on why I bought RIM, and yet one person didn’t call me a moron in the comments. Just for you, anonymous new reader, here’s a bonus picture of a hottie in hooker boots. Anyway, Hank struck gold with his post on avoiding company loyalty when investing in a stock. This week, she writes about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and what the thought process was behind it.
If you're still not sure what to be for Halloween this year, get inspired with some awesome homemade costumes based on TV and movie characters from decades past.
Zack Jud wants credit where credit's due -- to him, after he says sixth-grader Lauren Arrington pinched his findings about the habitat of invasive lionfish.Meanwhile, Lauren's father -- who happens to be best friends with Jud's former supervisor -- says his daughter's name is being dragged through the mud by a frustrated academic.
And when you toss in the spectacular awfulness that was the 1990’s era of comics, I’m sold! Yeah, we all bought his comics when we were twelve years old, but we look back on it with some embarrassment, like parachute pants or shaving a lightning bolt into your hair. Jesus, remembering that he’s been turned into a mid-90s comic book character published by Rob Liefeld, literally rips himself off the cross and engages them in a kung fu battle!

A picture of a human figure done by Rob “I helped destroy the great things about comics and made crap loads of money doing it” Liefeld and it actually shows his feet! At first sight, they are connected.Sam Border wishes he could escape, but there's nowhere for him to run. Arrington's friend) told me about the 6 ppt feeding, but I didna€™t know she ramped them back up to 27 ppt in 2 hours with no ill effects,' Jud wrote in 2012, according to an e-mail shared with The Washington Post. He typified an era that was dominated by the  overwhelming popularity of bad anatomy, bad dialogue and juvenile writing. And he gave us one of the most unintentionally hilarious pictures of Captain America ever put on paper. He and his little brother, Riddle, have spent their entire lives constantly uprooted by their unstable father. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration launched a campaign in 2010 urging the U.S.
This is a horrendous article that is badly written and I’m surprised it even got published. That's when everything changes.As Sam and Riddle are welcomed into the Bells' lives, they witness the warmth and protection of a family for the first time.
Fat, football-sized lionfish are daily caught in fishing pots set in deeper waters that spear fishermen and recreational divers never see. But when tragedy strikes, they're left fighting for survival in the desolate wilderness, and wondering if they'll ever find a place where they can belong. Beautifully written and emotionally profound, I'll Be There is a gripping story that explores the complexities of teenage passions, friendships, and loyalties. I know you want to just pick him up and hug him and maybe take him to bed with you but not in a sexual kind of way.

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