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I really hope you enjoyed this post on “The Magical Secret: Day 7” and if you did, leave a comment and hit “like” to share it. Byrne followed up with two more bestsellers—The Power in 2010 and The Magic in 2012—and today her publisher, Atria Books, announced that her next book, Hero, will be coming out on November 19. If you have read the book, The Secret also by Rhonda Byrne, you should know all about the Law of Attraction. The Magic will help you apply the secret in your life in a very short amount of time, so that you can start to see immediate and drastic changes.

While it doesn’t require you to fetch a rock, or collect photos it does require a lot of focus, strength, and patience. Each day for the next 22 days I will follow the instructions to complete that day’s magical practice, and hopefully by the end I’ll have some amazing stuff to tell you.
So, you just pick a problem or negative situation, I’ll keep mine to myself =) The hard part is listing 10 things about that situation that you are grateful for!

The better part of the practice is trying to go the entire day without saying or thinking ANYTHING negative.

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