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There is no separate subject list for Botany so you can attend ugc net exam through life science department . I have attached the syllabus for UGC NET Exam for Botany (Life Science) so please check it out. Here I am providing the information regarding the CSIR NET Life Sciences Exam Question Paper question paper for your idea .
The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? It can protect a cell from toxic substances and is the site of action of several antibiotics. Under the external structure as capsules sheaths and flagella and external to the cytoplasmic membrane is the “cell wall”, a very rigid structure that gives shape to the cell.
The walls of gram-ve species are generally thinner (10 to 15 nm) then those of gram +ve species (20 to 25 nm). For eubacteria the shape- determining part of the cell wall is largely “Peptidoglycan” (sometimes called –“MUREIN”), an insoluble porous, cross-linked polymer of enormous strength and rigidity.
In archaebacteria possess cell walls, these do not contain peptidoglycan, and their cell wall fine structure and chemical composition is very different from that of eubacteria. Bacteria are divided into 2 types, namely gram +ve and gram –ve basing o the differences in the reaction to gram’s staining. Gram +ve bacteria usually have a much great amount of peptidoglycan in their cell walls than do gram –ve bacteria (~50% (or) more of the dry weight) , but only in about 10% of the wall of gram negative Bacteria.

Streptococcus pyrogenes” contain “Polysaccharides”, which can be extracted with hot-dilute HCl.
Teichoic acid binds Mg+2 ions and there is some evidence that they help to potect Bacteria from thermal injury by providing an accessible pool of these cations for stabilization of the cytoplasmic membrane.
The walls of the Bacteria can be easily destroyed by treatment with an enzyme called “Lysozyme”, which selectively dissolves Peptidoglycan.
The walls of gram negative bacteria are more complexes then those of gram-positive bacteria. Gram –ve Bacteria are refrctoey to the enzyme “Lysozyme” (or) resistant to the lysosomal treatment. Only if the outer membrane is first damaged, as by removal of stabilizing “Magnesium ions” by a chelating agent, can the enzyme penetrate and attack the underlying Peptidoglycan layer.
The outer membrane of the gram –ve cell wall is anchored to the underlying Peptidoglycan by means of “Braun’s lipopolysaccharides”. The membrane is ilayered strucutre consisting mainly of “Phospholipids, proteins and lipopolysaccharides (LPS)”. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Its main function is to prevent the cell from expanding and eventually bursting because of uptake of water, since most Bacteria live in hypotonic environment. The peptidoglycan is found only in prokaryotes, it occurs in the form of a “Bag shaped macromolecule” surrounding the cytoplasmic membrane.

The most interestingly difference in the presence of an ‘outer membrane’ that surrounds a thin underlying layer of Peptidoglycan. Many of the serological properties of gram negative Bacteria are atributable to O-antigens; they can also serve as receptors for Bacteriophage attachment.
This blog included NET Life sciences study materials, Old papers and instant MCQ papers for CSIR NET Life Sciences aspirants. In bacteria generally the layer or layers or layer of cell envelope lying between the inner cytoplasmic membrane and the capsule is called “Cell wall”. Which are the best books?What syllabus should I prepare for the Entrance Exam to join M.Sc in Zoology and Botany? Which are the best Books to prepare for these Entrance Exams?Best books for preparation for MSc(Environmental Botany) entrance exam? Can I get any preference regarding syllabus for this exam?What is the syllabus for UGC NET Botany? I have done MSc from BotanyWhat kind of questions are asked in the entrance exam for MSc Botany?

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