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The publishing house printed 150,000 initial copies of this one, which says they’re expecting it to be huge. In this sequel to Runner, ex-Special Forces operative Sam Dryden receives a desperate phone call from Claire Dunham, an old friend working as an internal security chief at Bayliss Labs. Beginning when the dust of WWII has only just begun to settle and rushing onward into the Sixties, Benjamin Johncock traces the path of young couple, test pilot Jim and his wife Grace, as they are uprooted by events much larger than themselves. Jennifer JonesI’m the library’s fiction selector and I’ve been suggesting new books to library and bookmobile customers for over 17 years. Library News UpdateSubscribe to our email newsletter to keep informed of what’s happening at your library. The contents of this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unsported License.

A tour de force about three friends affected by a campus murder, for readers of Donna Tartt, Meg Wolitzer and Jeffrey Eugenides Georgia, Charlie and Alice each arrive at Harvard with hopeful visions of what the future will hold.
Ryan Stradal’s startlingly original debut tells the story of a single dish and character, at once capturing the zeitgeist of the Midwest, the rise of foodie culture and delving into the ways food creates community and a sense of identity.
The turns the couple take together are at once astonishing and recognizable; their journey, both frightening and full of hope. Amid the river of metal and glass, a shocking event occurs, leaving those who witnessed it desperately looking for answers, most notably one man and his son, Jake, who captured the event and uploaded it to the Internet for all the world to experience. I keep up on all the new book reviews, and my favorite question is “What are you reading?” I love to talk about books and to read books. But when, just before graduation, a classmate is found murdered on campus, they find themselves facing a cruel and unanticipated new reality.

By turns quirky, hilarious, and vividly sensory, Kitchens of the Great Midwest is an unexpected mother-daughter story about the bittersweet nature of life – its missed opportunities and its joyful surprises.
But what researchers have stumbled upon goes beyond the edge of technology, and into the future, literally. Set against the backdrop of one of the most emotionally charged periods in American history, The Last Pilot is a mesmerizing debut novel of loss and finding courage in the face of it. As the media swarms over the story, Jake will face the ramifications of his actions as he learns the perils of our modern disconnect between the real world and the world we create online.

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