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Considering I already wrote on what happens when you have too much think time, I should have known that sitting on a beach was the worst place to escape my own mind.
I thought long and hard about how to place these last three books, my favorite three reads of the crazy year that was 2013. Introverted Cath isn’t the most well-adjusted, outgoing teen in Nebraska, but she knows where she stands. I could write a blog post on any of those topics, but I believe I would need an entire post for each question. However, I would like to propose a theory to you, my few and amazing readers: the more discussion a book raises, the better the book.
Obviously, this is not a hard and fast rule, but think about it next time you finish a book.
I found these first hundred Penguin books in my attic over the weekend, as I was unpacking a box that has been sealed since I moved in. When I left college, I wrote to companies all over the country seeking work and asking if they would give me an interview if I came to see them. In these shabby old shops, I sometimes came upon Penguin books with a podgy penguin on the cover, quite in contrast to the streamlined bird familiar from modern editions.
Eventually I found a job in Perthshire and then subsequently in Inverness, and from here I made frequent trips to Glasgow, which has the best second-hand bookshops in Scotland, to continue my collection. The collection was finally completed when I moved back to London and discovered that my next door neighbour Christine was the daughter of Allen Lane who founded Penguin books.
I do not think my collection of Penguins is of any great value because they are of highly variable condition and not all are first editions, though every one predates World War II and they are of the uniform early design before the bird slimmed down. Allen Lane’s idealistic conception, to use the mass market to promulgate good writing to the widest readership in cheap editions that anyone could afford, is one that I admire. These are so beautiful I want to take them to dinner and keep pouring them wine until they leave you for ME. Reminded by this lovely post to look more closely at my own library, I noticed, seemingly for the first time, that Penguins have spines in different colours denoting the genre.
I found you via Persephone as well – what a beautiful collection and a wonderful story to go with it. Using the Persephone Books blog as my home page, I discover quite a lot about Britain of which I am otherwise unaware having been born and raised in the States, now living in Chicago – in this case that the early editions of Penguin were numbered. What an excellent collection, rather reminds me of the second hand department of Waterstone’s on Gower Street…have spent many a happy hour lost over there!
In fact, I’m writing a blog entry on Penguin and Puffin right now: would it be OK to use your gorgeous pictures here, (with a link to this page), in my blog? Unauthorized use or duplication of these words and pictures without written permission is strictly prohibited. Spitalfields Life is nourished by a weekly vegetable box from Leila's Shop in Calvert Avenue. This entry is part 8 of 11 in the series Sketchnote LessonsWant to make your drawings more interesting? Play around, and you’ll find even more emotions that you can express with small changes to the face. Comics are another great way to learn more about expressing emotions, from the concise forms of newspaper strips to more elaborate drawings in comic books.
And then there’s learning about all these emotions in the first place, because it helps to be able to recognize the emotion and give it a name. I’m thinking of going through those lists and practising drawing all these different emotions.
Sketchnotes 2013300+ sketches about learning, sharing, tech, semi-retirement, business, delegation, and other topics. A No-Excuses Guide to BloggingWhat's getting in your way when it comes to blogging consistently?
For all you “readers” out there, feel free to add your own advice about books, or suggestions for good reads for this summer! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Rowell’s narration is pitch perfect and yes, there is a fairly traditional romance plot, but I would argue that this is not a safe book.
With their faded orange, indigo, green, violet and pink spines they make a fine display and I am fond of this collection that took me so many years to amass.
These early titles, dating from 1935 had a clean bold typography using Eric Gill’s classic sans typeface and could be bought for just twenty or thirty pence.
And whenever I made the long rail journey down South, I commonly stopped off to spend a day wandering round Liverpool or Durham or any of the places I had never been, all for the purpose of seeking old Penguins. She was astonished to see my collection and I was amazed to see the same editions scattered around her house. While I was collecting these, I thought that I was on a quest to build my career – a fancy that I walked away from, years later. And these first hundred are a fascinating range of titles, a snapshot of the British public’s reading tastes in the late thirties.
We have about 20 of the first 100 and enjoy collecting them in a very slow and haphazard way. I loved the cover and the fact it was in mint condition, so I didn’t really mind about the content.
I myself am a big colelctor,I have about 500 of the first 1000 publications, all first editions. I once had an old Penguin book that was the Letters of Vincent van Gogh, with a foreward by Johanna van Gogh, the book was yellowed, quiet, and, unopened, when I read it. Someday someone (would love it if it was me) can show off a collection of slightly later penguins, when they started allowing illustrations on the cover but kept the three-color bars. In my head, I can imagine you flunking an interview with an ultra efficient, unimaginative office manager, who cannot see further than the end of his provincial nose. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Spitalfields Life with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
The best resource I’ve found so far is the Bikablo Emotions book, which has a lot of full-body emotions. Wikipedia has a few good pages: Contrasting and categorization of emotions, Emotion classification. You'll get a ZIP file (290+ MB) with hi-res images that you can easily flip through or print. Please feel free to reuse or share content under a Creative Commons Attribution license unless otherwise noted. According to my sister-in-law, it’s the hardest transition I will experience in life. I know this blog has taken some strange turns over the years, but I’m not about to start a Rainbow Rowell Literary Analysis Only blog.
It was the first time I encountered the distinctive regional qualities of Britain and in each city, to ameliorate the day of my interview, I took the opportunity to visit the museums, civic art galleries, cathedrals and castles that distinguish these places. So, in the manner of those cards you get in bubblegum packets, I began to collect any with numbers up to one hundred. From Christine, I learnt how her father Allen was bored one day on Exeter St David’s Station (a place familiar to me), changing trains on the way to visit his godmother Agatha Christie. Now these hundred Penguin books are the only evidence of my innocent tenacity to create a life for myself at that time.
Looking back, the search for all these books led me on a wonderful journey through Britain. We could probably buy them all from the internet in a day – but that would be no fun at all. I am proud of a Wodehouse that I have and a CP Snow also… Each with a monochromatic drawing that strikes the mood perfectly.
Drawings of emotions can communicate so much more than words describing emotions, and they do so in an immediate, visceral way. Explore the physicality of emotions by looking at how actors show feelings, or by imagining yourself feeling those emotions. Men and Little Miss series when I was growing up, and I look forward to discovering other wonderful illustrations as I go through the library’s collections.

HUMAINE proposes a classification of 48 emotions (see Wikipedia for an easier-to-read list) The Center for Nonviolent Communication lists 259 emotions in their feelings inventory. I’ll post stuff here once in a while, and I’d love it if you sent me links to your drawings!
Once I got to college, I read mostly research articles, textbooks, and children’s books. I had to find some way to get my mind off what seemed like a failing transition into real life.
However, you can tell a lot about an author’s writing style from reading the first page.
And the rest of her life and livelihood is Simon Snow – specifically, her life is Carry On, Simon the epic, episodic work of fan fiction Cath writes for an audience of thousands of Simon fans around the world.
Arriving at each destination, I would consult the directory and make a list of the second-hand booksellers, then mark them on a tourist map and, after the job interview, I would visit every one. In doing so, I discovered a whole library of novelists from the nineteen thirties and reading these copies passed the time pleasantly on my endless journeys. When he searched the bookstall, he could not find anything to read and decided to start his own company publishing cheap editions of good quality books.
If you bear in mind that I only found a couple in each city, then you will realise that my complete collection represents a ridiculously large number of failed job interviews in every corner of these islands. This love of Penguins is obviously widespread as the recent box of Postcards using the old penguin covers sold out so quickly before Christmas they were well nigh impossible to get hold of. B (her last name actually started with a B, but I like to think it stands for bi%*#h) was my language arts teacher. If the writing style is dry, or you don’t enjoy the way it is written, choose a different book.
Take the advice of what books to look in to, but then use the above suggestions to determine if you want to read the book. Then just let yourself escape into the pages and allow the characters, setting, and plot fully develop in your mind. There were hundreds of these scruffy dusty old shops with proprietors who were commonly more interested in the book they were reading behind the counter than in any customer. It was a job search than became a cultural tour and resulted in a stack of lovely old paperbacks. Now they sit on my shelf here in Spitalfields as souvenirs of all the curious places I never would have visited if it were not my wayward notion to scour the entire country to collect all the first hundred Penguins. This is still a work in progress, but they match the KP’s for beautifully illustrated covers and interiors. When I’m faced with a difficult situation or a confusing tangle of emotions, I try to break down the different emotions I feel and the reasons why I feel that way. The idea of reading a book I did not choose to read or want to read, and then having to write a book report about it was just dreadful.
I mean the beach is definitely the perfect place to escape my own mind and relieve the stress of this long and depressing transition. Many were simply junk shops with a few books piled in disorder on some shelves in the back or stacked in cardboard boxes on the pavement outside. After these, I read all the other works of these skillful and unjustly neglected novelists.
When you understand why you’re happy and sad and worried and excited all at the same time, it’s easier to move forward. What could be better than simply relaxing on the beach and not worrying about how I am not quite sure where I am going next year, or what to do with my personal life?
I wasn’t exactly a fast reader, and the pressure of finishing it in a designated time was too much!
I avoided reading the books fully, didn’t care to find the time to read books outside of homework assignments, and grew to dislike books in general.

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