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Brand Management – Supervision of over 50 CPG brands in Home Personal Care, Food & Specialty, throughout her career. Creative Management – Directed designers, illustrators, production artists, photographers, food stylists, separators and printers. Operational Management – Implemented a turn-key Package Design Department for a Fortune 100 company. People Management – Strong mentoring and leadership skills through training, focusing on the use of Best Practices. Project Management – High volume brand portfolio experience, with attention to deadline, budget and ROI.

Print Management – Technical knowledge of Offset-Litho, Roto-Gravure, Flexo, Direct Print, Hot Stamping and Metal Decorating print methods.
We often lose sight of the incredible blessings we have because the small hitches and drawbacks of life tend to overshadow them in the daily requirement to deal with them.
We have to make being grateful a verb (or verb phrase, as Katy and I learned a few weeks back ?? ). To pull them from the back of our minds, from that area we don’t think about because it hums steadily along without much need for attention. After visiting people who live in houses with walls of black plastic and roofs of the same, I know that my home is a sanctuary and a palace to most folks in this world.

I am grateful for a blue sky that will come after this beautiful moon slips back into the horizon.
I am grateful for my Mama and for the opportunity I have to know her as a person and to call her friend. I am grateful for a world that has compassionate and fierce hearts that will stand up to in justice.

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