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To inspire or add to your own reading lists, we’ve rounded up 23 of the best leadership books on the market.
John Wooden, Steve Jamison (2005)Wooden on Leadership offers a glimpse inside the mind and leadership methods of America’s coaching legend, John Wooden. Doris Kearns Goodwin (2006)Recently made into an award-winning film, this biographical account of Abraham Lincoln sheds light on the president’s leadership style, his understanding of human behavior and motivation, and the way he reconciled conflicting personalities and political factions before abolishing slavery.
Dale Carnegie (2009)In one of the most recognized motivational books in history, Dale Carnegie’s proven advice for effective communication and interaction leaves people feeling valued rather than manipulated. Tom Rath and Barrie Conchie (2009)Using Gallup surveys, interviews and first-hand accounts from successful CEOs, Strengths Based Leadership outlines a roadmap for how to lead with your talents. Niall Ferguson (2009)Niall Ferguson recounts the evolution of the world’s financial system, from ancient Mesopotamia to modern day, arguing that the development of credit and debt is just as important as any technological innovation in the rise of civilization.“I love books on economic observations . Chip and Dan Heath (2010)Lasting change is difficult to achieve, both in our professional and personal lives.Using stories from everyday leaders, Switch teaches how to overcome obstacles to transformative change by mastering the way we approach our goals.

Spiral Dynamics introduces a new model for plotting the enormous economic and commercial shifts that are making contemporary business practice so complex and apparently fragmented. Cycling from practice to theory and back again, this concise book provides the skinny on motion leadership, or how to “move” individuals, institutions, and whole systems forward.
A well-stocked bookshelf can keep you focused on important leadership and management principles—some of which you might already have learned but need reminding of, and others that can spur challenges and opportunities to grow. The Emperor’s Handbook is a translation of Aurelius’ personal notes (never meant to be published) on life, leadership and practical everyday advice.“A must read for business leaders. Covey (2004)An internationally respected authority on leadership, Stephen Covey’s first groundbreaking novel implies true success is founded on personal and professional development habits like prioritization, empathy and self-renewal. Maxwell (2005)Developing the Leader Within You is the first and most enduring work by John C.
Robert Cialdini explains the psychology of why people say “yes” and how to apply these understandings to become a more skilled persuader and successful businessperson.

Pink (2011)The heart of leadership is the ability to motivate those around us.Daniel Pink suggests the secret to motivate peak performance lies in the deeply human need to direct our own lives, create new things and do better by ourselves and our world.
Focusing on cutting-edge leadership, management systems, processes, procedures, and techniques, the authors synthesize changes such as:Increasing cultural diversity.
Posner (2010)Based on 30 years of research of tried-and-true tactics from around the world, Kouzes and Posner dive into what’s at the very core of effective leadership, including credibility, values and trust.A reporter interviewed Mike Splinter, CEO of Applied Materials at the 2013 World Economic Forum and found The Truth About Leadership is his favorite book.
The arrival of a truly global marketplace.This is an inspiring book for managers, consultants, strategists, and leaders planning for success in the business world in the 21st century.

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