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A community is rallying around the soothing sound phenomenon—but it's not the scientific one. Heather Vaughn was 19 when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a development that altered her life — sometimes dreadfully. Diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, Vaughn found relief in something medicine has no clear understanding of at all: ASMR videos.
ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Median Response, is a phenomenon that has only recently been given a name, in part because it is an intensely personal sensation. The phenomenon gained widespread attention in the past five or six years, due to a gigantic YouTube subculture that creates ASMR-triggering videos for each other.
Top ASMR YouTubers include a woman named Maria, whose site, GentleWhispering, has more than 600,000 subscribers; Heather Feather and ASMRrequests both have nearly 400,000. Vaughn herself has been making ASMR videos for the past 18 months under the handle jellybeannose, which has more than 200,000 followers. Poerio says she is excited about her findings but cannot discuss them for months, until the paper her team is writing has been submitted in June and goes through peer review. Basically, as sound reaches the auditory complex within the ear, it communicates with a large network of brain regions — the prefrontal cortex and limbic system (which includes the hippocampus and amygdala), among others.

The scientific community tends to be slow to dig deeply into phenomena that can be dismissed as fringe.
But science may not solve this mystery anytime soon: the scientific community tends to be slow to dig deeply into phenomena that can be dismissed as fringe. ASMR researches are hoping their first-of-its-kind study will bring some credence to claims that something happens to the bodies of people under ASMR’s sway.
She wonders if it may be related to synesthesia, the triggering of a sensation in one part of the body by stimulating a different part of the body. Only 5 percent of the participants reported using ASMR for sexual stimulation, while 82 percent said they used ASMR to help them sleep, and 70 percent said ASMR helped them deal with stress. Explore the world of listening and voice, literature and technology with original reporting, personal stories, playlists, and more.
In the newly democratized world of voice acting, quirky, wry, and "real" voices are having a moment.
ASMR is described by those who experience it as a pleasurably strange tingling feeling, usually felt at the back of the head or scalp.
Videos most often include close-ups of pretty young women making breathy, clicking, whispering, tapping, or crinkling sounds. Many say ASMR has helped them, and that, in turn, has motivated them to make videos for others.

She believes understanding what was happening in the brains of her fans would have a direct effect on the content she makes. There are role-playing videos in which the video makers pretend to be hairdressers or doctors or makeup artists, all interacting with the viewer. In it, Vaughn, who is quite pretty, breathes softly into a microphone and makes gentle kissing and popping sounds with her mouth for 30 minutes. But its healing and palliative potential has only been subjected to rigorous study in the past generation or so. To the uninitiated, ASMR videos are strange and vaguely fetishistic-seeming, but practitioners overwhelmingly assert that ASMR is not a kink so much as it is a profound feeling of relaxation and peace. We’ll also hear from singer, songwriter and author Johnette Downing, whose new books are Louisiana: Jewel of the Deep South, The Fifolet, Ten Gators in the Bed, and Bugs on the Rug.

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