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The very best of luck in your exam - but you must put the effort in and revise in depth to pass this exam.
Revision document - based on the key notes, use this revision document to help you prepare and revise for the exam.
Interactive Practice Paper - I've created these to give you exam style questions where you can type your answer and then compare it to what the exam board is looking for. Remember to use these games effectively - see which topics you are unsure of and then revise them further! Don't miss the marvellous FatMax website - this contains a plethora of resources and links relating to AQA AS and A2 ICT.
Use this excellent detailed checklist from Kesgrave High School, explaining every aspect that you need to cover for ICT4.

However, used in combination with past papers, these are a great way to help you revise your core ICT knowledge. If you are stuck with a specific question, you can find the answer - or just contact me via this site! As you've been extensively reminded, each chapter includes explained example questions together with lots of useful past-paper questions. He even wants to teach other companies how to do it. Certainly Zappos has powerfully used the social web to drive this authentic passion to the masses. I doubt they worry about the “gumbo” Jay talks about because if they stay focused on delivering on their brand promise, the money side of the business will take care of itself. Similarly, if Toyota focuses on core competencies, they’ll win the social sentiment wars, too.

The social web amplifies differentiationHere’s an example of how this worked in my own small business. Perhaps your competition isn’t McDonald’s, Nike, and every other company trying to dominate the social web. It realized that if it focused on intense attention to quality in a way that delighted customers, the marketshare and customer loyalty would follow.

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