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My Award Booking Service helps travelers book first class and business class with miles and points. Which Lufthansa flights have new first class, and which Lufthansa flights have new business class?
For the A330-300, you'll know that it features the new business class if there *aren't* 4 center seats in row 27 in Economy.
If you want to book Lufthansa New First Class with United miles, you'll need to book last minute, since you can book Lufthansa First Class Award Space at Most 15 Days in Advance. If you've earned 50,000 bonus miles with the Lufthansa Miles & More Cardand can add another 35,000 miles by transferring 30K SPG points (note the 25% transfer bonus per 20,000 points) you could fly one way in Lufthansa First Class (or Swiss First Class, for that matter), which could be especially worth it on an ~11 hour West Coast flight to Europe, especially given that it's very tough to get award availability using United miles on this route. It can be hard to score a Lufthansa New Business Class award in advance with United miles, but it can be done, if you have lots of date flexibility.

Do you plan to use the Lufthansa New First Class or Lufthansa New Business Class flight checkers to see if your next Lufthansa flight will have Lufthansa New First Class or New Business Class?
Become a TravelSort Client and Book Your Hotel with Virtuoso or Four Seasons Preferred VIP Amenities! What are the best first class lounges that provide access when connecting onward to a business class flight? The Lufthansa New Business Class Flight Checker link is working again, after months of not working.
This is best if you only need 1 Lufthansa first class award seat, and have a backup plan so that you can gamble by booking last minute. It used to be possible to close a credit card, and a year or two later, apply for the same credit card to earn the signup bonus again.

To get it to appear, I recommend using a Chrome incognito window or private browser, if using Safari. On FlyerTalk, applicants are divided on whether calling helps or hurts your chances of getting approved. Fortunately, Lufthansa has released tools to check if your flight has Lufthansa's new first class or Lufthansa's new business class.

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