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SUICIDEBrad Evans: He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound the same day he was charged with two counts of second-degree rape. SAPULPA — A Sapulpa High School coach was found dead of an apparent suicide Thursday night after being charged that day with raping one of his female players.
Brad Alan Evans, the head softball coach and assistant baseball coach, was fired Tuesday after law enforcement officials notified the school district about their investigation. Evans, 38, was charged Thursday in Creek County with two counts of second-degree rape, according to court records. Evans was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound Thursday night, authorities said.
Second-degree rape charges typically are filed when a sexual relationship exists where one party, such as a minor, cannot legally give consent. Burr said the Creek County Sheriff’s Office notified him late Thursday that they had discovered Evans dead when they went to his residence to serve a warrant in the case.
Because the case involved a student, Burr said, he and his staff are encouraging anyone with information about other potential victims to come forward. One of the best things about working with an ActionCOACH, is that we know how to plan for success.  Based on their years of experience and powerful training, everyone in our organization knows that if you want to own a business, you’ve got to begin with the end in mind. On Wednesday, November 13 Brad will deliver his next live webinar, this one on Social Media and on December 11 he will give a webinar entitled Starting Your Own Business.
And while Brad loves giving these webinars, he’s made a commitment to deliver his message in person whenever possible. Of course when Brad returns from Bali he will be getting ready for the next batch of Business Excellence Forums which come early in 2014, starting in New Orleans on January 30 and February 1. Those with a managerial outlook are often in a great position to succeed as entrepreneurs, expect for some misconceptions that can lead to massive problems. One misconception that I’ve seen in my decades of helping businesses is many managers believe that if a business is not working, the solution lies in hiring more employees.
Another mistaken belief that is common to this mindset is that the route to success is through growth. A third misstep common to the managerial attitude is that the entrepreneur wants to be the boss, even if that means sacrificing the talent or potential of employees. If they have the ability to get the most out of their employees, managers themselves are able to delegate aspects of their business to others and set higher goals.
Brad Sugars defines a business as a profitable, commercial enterprise that works…without the owner there…but as you may already know, that’s easier said than done.
There are three areas of Mastery we will talk about…with Money Mastery you have profits, when you have Time Mastery your company is productive and when you have Delivery Mastery your business has predictability. As a business owner, you may not have a good handle on everything your company needs to master, so you shouldn’t feel as if you’re failing if you need to make an adjustment or two to achieve full Mastery, but you should be moving toward systemization and mastery from the minute you open the doors.
You should ask yourself questions like, how can you streamline your operation so cash flows through the business, how can you use your time to get as much done as possible and how can your deliver on time, every time, so your clients are never disappointed? Answering questions like those should help you figure out just what you need to get better at to achieve Mastery. The danger for many small businesses is that they never achieve Mastery in one or more of those areas. In fact, when investors like Brad look at businesses to decide if they are worth buying, the first question is ask is have they achieved Mastery? If they have, but they are still struggling, the problems run much deeper and will take longer to fix than most investors like. You see, while many go on vacation over the summer, Brad is hard at work spreading his message of abundance through business re-education. And of course, ActionCOACH, Brad’s leading business coaching company continues to work with businesses of all types and sizes all over the world.
In his career as a Business Coach, entrepreneur, business owner and investor, Brad Sugars has seen it all. It was with those scenarios in mind that Brad decided to deliver all of his teachings through video, audio, ebooks and whitepapers by creating Brad Sugars Profit Masters. Whether you are already working with a coach or just want to get up to speed on where your business should be and how to get it there, Brad Sugars Profit Masters is a one-of-a-kind product.
Since starting Profit Masters in 2011, thousands of business owners have used the platform to learn how to work ON their business rather than IN it, while also developing the skills and plans to grow exponential wealth that will help make their dreams come true.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, but do you truly understand what it can do for you? The Law of Attraction involves the act of consciously putting energy into bringing something into being, because, “like attracts like” according to this Law. When you have a negative focus, your energy attracts the negative and builds a negative cycle of pessimism and scarcity. That’s why, when you use the Law of Attraction you must be sure to decide what you want and be very clear on your intention…and then focus your attention on attracting it.
The most important aspect of this Law is that it needs belief, because intention plus belief equals creation and manifestation.
The Law of Intention is about visualization, so view what you want to have with yourself in the picture.
This is the belief that by adding energy to your life you can add more power to your intention because higher energy means higher vibration and bigger transmission of your desire to achieve your goals.
The Law of Vibration can be viewed as the most physical of these three laws and it ties in with your physical health in that unhealthy or unfit tend to have a lower vibration.

If you work out regularly now, or have in the past, you can understand why this is the case.
Odds are you’ve taken some time to think about what you want your 2013 to be about, but have you taken the time to plan it out?
When you take the time to make SMART goals and develop a plan to reach your goals you have a far better chance of reaching them instead of just going forward with idealized visions of a better you in your head. If you want to make those idealized visions a reality, you need to develop a support structure that helps you succeed and one great way to develop that structure is through coaching. So as you look toward 2013 and what you want to do with this year, write down what you hope to accomplish and then use proper planning, including SMART goals to get there…and find yourself a coach. There’s the old advertising and marketing adage that half of all marketing budgets are wasted, the trick is knowing which half. While most companies (and their ad agencies) have relied on a subjective “branding” approach to lead generation that is difficult to measure and too expensive for most businesses to undertake, “Buying Customers” focuses on a “lead generation” approach to building a “brand,” one that is based on “testing and measuring” campaign results, and matching those results to numbers that are first estimated, then benchmarked as a baseline once they become known.
So … how can the average business start buying customers like assets, much as they would any other type of asset? For most companies (especially those in a service category), your customer data base is your most valuable asset a company can own – next to the relationship they have with that data base.
The ultimate value of a company data base (as well as business profitability long term) is the amount of repeat business generated from customers over a length of time.
Because most customers aren’t profitable until the fifth or sixth purchase, a company’s marketing goal should be to buy the best customers at the lowest possible price – customers who will buy repeatedly over the course of their “lifetime” as a customer.
From this perspective, the “Lifetime Value” of a customer base is simply how much repeat business can be expected or generated from them over their lifetime as a customer. What this does is help re-frame most company’s “customer acquisition” program from a costly lead generation campaign to a “repeat business” and “added value” campaign – because, as Sugars points out, discounting is the literally the death of any campaign or business. Re-positioned, focus can now be placed on using existing resources to market to an existing customer base.
The strategy shifts from a question of, “How do we get more new leads or more new customers?” to “How can we sell more to our current customer base?” or, “What can we do to keep our customers happy?”.
With a goal of creating a referral-based business, “Buying Customers” shows readers step-by-step what it takes to build a business that profitably “creates customers,” and gives readers a unique perspective on an alternative set of rules and guidelines for customer acquisition that sets it apart from conventional books on marketing and advertising.
By doing so, “Buying Customers” gives businesses a proven set of tools, systems and strategies that help drive down customer acquisition costs as new, referral-based customers arrive solely on the basis of company name and reputation. These days, a referral-based marketing strategy delivers the same results:  namely, the least costly (yet most effective) type of marketing there is – and one that consistently delivers new customers and repeat business at a fraction of the cost of conventional branding campaigns.
The 2013 Business Excellence Forum is coming to Las Vegas on January 25 and 26 at the Red Rock Resort and Casino, and Brad Sugars and Darren Hardy will be the featured speakers.
The BEF is the premier event of its kind for owners of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) around the world because the focus of the event is creating abundance through business re-education.
Among the topics that will be presented are; generating cashflow and profit, team building, generating referrals and being the leader your business needs. Hardy is excited to speak in front of so many business owners who are ready to learn to achieve the success they’ve dreamed of.
While focused on providing specific proven strategies that any business owner can use to turnaround any company, the BEF will also feature networking opportunities and will culminate with the 2013 Business Excellence Awards, recognizing exceptional results from companies in 18 separate categories. Recent articles6 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Team September 13, 2011Can Winning A Business Award Boost Your Business? Apparently, it’s the new thing to recover from a scandal, is to get your own talk show. Eliot Spitzer and journalist Kathleen Parker’s October 4th debut of their new show, Parker Spitzer on CNN, drew a scant 454,000 viewers nationwide, according to Nielsen. Creek County District Attorney Max Cook said Friday morning he had filed paperwork to dismiss the charges due to Evans’ death. It takes foresight, thought, creativity and knowledge to create a plan that will yield real results. You’ve got to know where you are and where you want to be in six months, a year, two years, even five or ten years down the road. Where you start often plays a role in how you finish and without planning for the right results, your business may never reach the goals you’ve set for it. He’s been all over the world delivering his message of abundance through business re-education and he’s ready to close out 2013 with a bang. To that end, Brad will give his Buying Customers open seminar in Greensboro, North Carolina on November 19, followed by a trip to Bali for his MasterCLASS from November 26-29. Business ownership is just one aspect of MasterCLASS as Brad teaches you strategies for building the life and the wealth you’ve always sought… and what could be better than being in Bali in late November?
They throw extra bodies at the problem, but this only aggravates the situation because it fails to address the underlying root cause of the problem.
Growing larger to fix the problems of a small business only generates a much bigger company with problems that are expanded, magnified, and much more expensive to remedy.
To give orders and be in charge requires no great skill or aptitude, but to be a leader – one who knows how to inspire and train others to rise to greater heights – is a rare quality, but it can be learned. Those who say they can’t find good employees usually mean they lack what it takes to attract or create good employees – and as a consequence they also lack what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Put all three together and you have a profitable commercial enterprise that works…without you. This means that in the long run they end of closing, or selling out for a fraction of the investment they’ve put in.

But if the business is up and running, but they haven’t been able to achieve Money, Time or Delivery Mastery, turning that business into a profitable company is just a few shorts steps away. In addition to his tour of New Zealand and Australia in July, Brad just returned from the UK, where he also delivered the message of Buying Customers. Of course, ActionCOACH continues to grow with coaches in virtually 50 countries and over 15,000 businesses being coached every week.
No matter where you are, from Australia to China and everywhere in between, there is an ActionCOACH Business Coach who is ready to help your business. When he began ActionCOACH, then known as Action International, Brad wanted to reach business owners all over the world with his message of business re-education because he saw businesses that struggled to get by and knew there was a better way. ActionCOACH is in nearly 50 countries, helping tens of thousands of business owners every week. What about the business owner who wants to supplement their coaching with lessons they can take full advantage of from the comfort of their home or office?
Brad has crafted the site to feel like its own coaching course, with reminders and home work you will have to complete to get the full power of the lessons. This may sound off the wall at first, but there is a lot of truth to it when you really think about it.
This is a little bit different because this law uses the seeds of your desire for something to bring about the ability to have it. Of course, you can see Brad Sugars, the world’s number one Business Coach at the 2013 Business Excellence Forum or through his Profit Masters program, but no matter what you hope to accomplish, working with someone more experiences who has been there before can only be of benefit. This event is tailored to meet the needs of business owners who need to turn their business around, or keep their business moving toward their ultimate goal. In addition to Sugars and Hardy, top Business Coaches from all over the continent will conduct break-out sessions and workshops designed to get to the heart of the challenges that business owners may be facing. So this might be proof that no matter what scandal you’ve been involved in, to bounce back, it might just take time and a risk.
If you feel you are currently subscribed please click on the button to attempt to find your account. MasterCLASS is for the advanced entrepreneur, someone who has owned businesses but is ready to move to the investor class of entrepreneurs.
Many managerial entrepreneurs go into bankruptcy thanks to vigorous growth, but they never figure out why. Managers who become leaders succeed because they accept the challenge and responsibility that comes with taking others under their wings. And Brad Sugars Profit Masters has been a remarkably successful platform for business re-education since its inception toward the end of 2011. However, in some cases, visitors have to put their names down in advance, so the house owners can be aware of exactly who is entering their home, in case there are any security concerns.Advertise Your Open House!A challenge with holding an open house is letting people know it’s happening in the first place. You wouldn’t have gone on that without a plan, so why would you start or run a business without one? Unless the fundamentals of the business are sound and efficient, making your company bigger will only lead to more hassles and headaches. It’s also the best time of year as the days are longer and your garden will be coming into bloom, making the house look better.Regarding the time of year, make sure you avoid holding an open house during holidays, community celebrations or special events. However, if you can schedule your open house on a week that’s forecast to be sunny, or during a relatively dry season, it will encourage people to visit. Unfortunately, people are less likely to leave the house if it’s raining, meaning you could miss some potential buyers.A few days before you hold your open house you should also:Get Cleaning!When people are visiting your house, they’re going to expect it to be spotless, so this is what you should aim for! This is what I want to do really do and I’m committed to being as good as I can.”Things don’t figure to be getting any easier any time soon for Stevens and the Celts after the team moved last week to deal All-Star guard Rajon Rondo to Dallas. Look for all the corners of the house you usually forget about – dust and mop everywhere you can think of. Try to look at your house through the eyes of a visitor and spot things you might miss.Make sure every bedroom has clean bedding and your bathroom(s) has clean towels.Don’t forget the garden! Tidy it up, mow the lawn and prune the bushes.Stage Your HouseYou will want to present your house in the best possible light, and to do this, you will need to do some staging.
Try and move at least one piece of furniture out of every room to create the feeling of more space. People like larger rooms, so they will be drawn to how spacious the house feels.Make Arrangements for Your PetsAsk some friends or family if they can keep your pets while you host the open house.
Not everyone is an animal-lover, so you don’t want to risk potential buyers being put off your house because your dog or cat makes them uncomfortable.Pets can also be unpredictable – avoid the risk of them having any accidents and ruining your spotless house or causing trouble while you have people at the house!Make the House More InvitingOpen the windows to air out the house and keep it fresh, letting as much natural light in as possible.
Some people believe that having the house owners there can be distracting to the visitors and ruin the experience.However, if you want to stay at the house, as long as you can take a step back and avoid hovering over the visitors, it should be fine.
Leave some cards and pens on an easily visible table so visitors can write down quick notes on what they did or didn’t like about your house. You can have some questions ready to guide their feedback too.We hope this advice has helped you prepare for your open house.

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