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With the Christmas break just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the New Year ahead! You may set out personal goals like wanting to go on your dream holiday, buy a new car, get fit and healthy or have more free time off to spend with family and friends.
Take a look at what really worked and what perhaps didn’t work so well to help avoid making the same mistakes in 2016.
Once you have a plan in place you will have control of your business and direction it is going.
Join us on Thursday 14th January, at our 2016 Business Planning Workshop, when we will help you develop your winning plan for 2016.

Ia€™m Jennifer Lee, the founder of Artizen Coaching®, and the author of The Right Brain Business Plan and Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way. What goals are you setting for yourself and your business in 2016, and how do you plan on achieving these goals? You may set goals for 2016 in relation to higher sales targets, increased profits, improved efficiencies, or for example moving to a new larger premises. Having lots of great ideas and goals, but no clearly defined and written plan to make the most important ones happen is detrimental. I help creative people like you turn your ideas into profitable and sustainable businesses and live life in full color.

Remember if you try to achieve too many goals at once, you divide your focus, and the quality and effort will be reduced.
Include your team in the planning process as it will help ensure everyone in the business is working towards your common goal, and each individual knows their role in achieving this goal.

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