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Following up on last week’s Killer Keynote Speech Structure Post, is another speech structure, the Business Proposal Speech.
An effective business proposal presentation structure takes your client from pain to pleasure on your proposed path.
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ReutersEverything you missed a€” from cowboy boots and costumes to Luke Bryan and Lynyrd Skynyrd. But in addition to being there for the music, everyone showcased their best festival fashionsA a€”A from cowboy boots to American flag everything.
If these are not enough motivation, then I suggest that you stay in your boring, mediocre job, reporting to people that are mostly driving their own agendas.

Prof Gary is launching an e-coaching program, for people who want to start their own business, during the second week of APRIL.
When I ask about Board composition sometimes I find that the members are very similar in background and style. Having to scroll and scroll and scroll to get through other newsletters, often times means I don't read them at all. I should show you all my travel photos and all the great places I have explored over the years. Why should you give it up for uncertainty, hard work, long hours – and all of this for NO guarantee?
I should tell you that I have attended all my daughter’s school plays, functions and prize givings, even during normal work hours.

I have had a great life up to now – and I should share it with you so that you may also have such a life of leisure. Someone that will motivate you, show you the ropes and ensure that you start the most exciting journey in your life.

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