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You have been caught in the cycle of layoffs and downsizing and want some control over your own work life.
Many people put huge amounts of time, energy and money into business start up but fail to invest anything into learning how to be a business owner.
Whether you are just starting up a business or find yourself still struggling to find clients after several years, don’t wait until you are at the end of your financial resources to get help. Contact Dhyan for a free 20 minute initial consultation and find out if the coaching and training she offers is the training you need!
As the recent recipient of the 2012 Radical Woman Entrepreneur Award, Terry appeared on the Big Biz Show with Troy Hazard. In this 45 minute audio Terry discusses the core areas that have influenced her parenting style and offers some great suggestions and tips on this amazing role called PARENTING!
It is worth training your staff to communicate efficiently Communication is at heart of everything we do in business, yet poor communication is a huge problem for business and individuals causing low morale, poor performance and high staffs turn over.

Making most of the meetings : Helps individual to develop communication strategies for a meeting or presentation. Selling successfully : Develops an individual on how to communicate effectively with clients.
This practical one-day course gives you the tools to strengthen your style, connect with your reader and get the results you're after.
Anyone who feels they spend too much time writing and re-writing memos, letters, emails, reports or proposals. One will learn about assertiveness, self-awareness, empathy, confidence, body language, questioning styles, and many related topics.
If your organization wants to be successful in business, it is worth training the staff to communicate efficiently.
Whether you want your staff to make presentations with confidence or to negotiate with ease, this module will help improve communication skills.

The course is full of exercises to give hands on experience on mastering the art of communication. You will be able to produce reports, proposals, memos, emails and letters that are sharp, persuasive and professional.
The course is designed to accommodate two types of delegates with optional content that are provided. Some contents are ideal for delegates who know each other and are perhaps working as a team and want to enhance their inter-communication skills. A difference set of optional content is ideal for delegates who don’t know each other and are looking forward to improve their general communication skills with colleagues, clients, managers and employees.

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