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Be a part of Intonate's Training program to find out how you can use your voice to transform your life. WLCI was established in the year 1996 with the prime objective of bridging the gap between education and employment that is faced by most Indian students.
Today, WLCI has acquired the distinct reputation for its unique training strategy that aims to transform ‘Learners’ into ‘Achievers’. Last but not the least, WLCI ensures that our students receive the proper training to transform them into professionals who can produce results in their respective professions. From the day they are inducted into the Institution, our students are constantly guided by eminent professionals.
The curriculum for various professional courses is designed in collaboration with eminent professionals who know the needs of the Industry.
WLCI’s one-of-a-kind Traineeship Programme promotes out-of-the-classroom learning by providing its students with opportunities to work with the best in the industry. Over the last 18 years, we have been continuously evolving our curriculum aligning it with the needs of the Industry where you will be hired.

Every year, thousands of young people choose WLCI as the stepping-stone to a successful career.
At WLCI, we are able to consistently produce competent professionals because we hold our beliefs close to our heart. Our experienced trainers ensure that the minds of young learners are primed with the right values to start a long journey of learning. With a faculty that boasts of eminent Industry professionals, as well as facilities that include a Cloud Campus, fully integrated e-learning courses and well-stocked libraries, WLCI ensures that our young learners are exposed to a productive environment that is instrumental to their future growth. Our unique skills-based curriculum ensures that the students are receiving the right training for a brighter future. Our trainers, coaches and mentors have a successful track record of training students for job-specific competencies. The ongoing training equips the students to take on workplace challenges even before completing their course.
If you’re a verbal communicator of any sort, the importance of a good vocal signature is obvious.

We offer job-specific professional courses in the wide arena of Business, Fashion, Graphic Design and Media, in over 10 locations across the Indian subcontinent.
The course component is constantly revised to make sure that the curriculum is in sync with the needs of the time.
Through its well-established placement network of over 500 leading companies, WLCI provides its students the opportunity to join their dream organization. My aim was to get into nift and it was a huge disappointment for me when I couldn’t secure a seat there. But even if you’re not in a career that demands that you speak in public, wouldn’t you still like to be able to capture people’s attention and interest with a magnetic voice? In one moment I had taken my decision that if I get the chance to join WLCI I would grab the opportunity with both hands.

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