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Learn English and enjoy the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the wonderful climate and the friendly people of Cyprus. The Cyprus Human Resource Management Association organises seminars for members and non-members on topics of interest.
Effective communication in business is all about communicating constructively with other people. This is done by establishing a trusting and caring relationship that will result in fostering personal and career development.
Horizontal or lateral: between people of the same rank, in the same section or department or different sections of departments. Horizontal communication between ‘peer groups’ is usually easier and more direct that vertical communication.
The girls’ 4-0 victory against Pool Academy on the evening of Thursday 24th April was made all the more special and rewarding as a result of the team playing two consecutive games of football during the afternoon of Tuesday 22nd April, including a semi final match against Callington Community college.
Coach, Emma Gue, was full of praise for the team and the dedication they have shown over the past year.
For the boys’ team, it was a thrilling final which took place against a strong Penryn side on the evening of Thursday 1st May.
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With two historic doubles to celebrate for the U14 and U16 teams as well as the U15 boys’ team becoming East Cornwall champions, the school’s reputation as a centre of excellence gets stronger and stronger. The need to network and communicateA  properly cannot be over emphasized,we at Kimberly-RyanA  understand this need ,thus have come up with a tailored training to fill the gap.Find below a flyer for training. Ben Holter the captain, Reece Kyffin, James Green and Alex Easson in goal were outstanding. Read on for some of our thoughts: Listening Knowing how to listen to the participants, their opinions, thoughts, their needs and knowing when it’s time to interject to either ask a question to enable awareness or to assist them to question something in a way they might not have before. The desire and effort to win this game meant they had to be at their best for a full 90 minutes of football.

Being at peace with silence Knowing that the room does not always have to be filled with a voice or with noise, that there needs to be time for reflection and that for some people, it takes longer for the penny to drop than it does for others. They went 1-0 down in the first half, equalised in the second and finished the stronger team. To top it all off, as the penalties went into sudden death every member of the team had to take one and they scored every one! Knowing when to encourage someone else to speak from their experience, that which might throw some light on the situation even if this person has not spoken before. Being comfortable challenging others Knowing when to challenge an individual or group in a safe and contained manner. Being authentic It’s very important to be yourself…not thinking you have to be someone else when standing in front of a group. This is part of what makes us effective at what we do; participants get the opportunity to be challenged in a safe place in the training room by the types of personalities they meet every day on the job.
On the job, people don’t have the opportunity to think about how they react, because interactions and communication occurs so quickly. And we all react and behave from a place of patterns and habits, those that we learn when we were children, and that no longer necessarily serve us. With our facilitators at adaptas, our participants get the opportunity to stop and think about how they could possibly react differently to things that happen and things other people say. Furthermore, our participants receive input and coaching on what is and is not working for them in how they communicate.
Taking Risks The methods we use also mean our facilitators are always taking risks, not only do they have to be themselves, but they have to take on the roles of other people, and hope that they are believable. Having said that I have never seen any of our facilitators and roleplayers not be believable in the characters they portray. However all sorts of questions can be thrown at them, and sometimes they may not know the right answer but they still have to improvise and respond in a believable manner.
On these occasions the most important thing they need is awareness of the impact they are having on the trainees, and whether the process is taking an individual over the edge…it’s knowing how to manage this during and after, how to support that person, to keep them feeling safe and to encourage them to be better at how they engage with themselves and other people.

Not getting too attached to an outcome With the methods we use, we also cannot afford to be attached to an outcome or be attached to always being right! Yes a client will have certain rules and processes in place that we must adhere to, but when it comes to human communication we don’t know who and what experience we will have in the room with us. That is part of the beauty of it; we often come away from a training session having learnt something new, about ourselves, about how organisations and groups of people work, and also having recognised incredible strength, resilience and intelligence in our participants. It also reminds us that if we trust ourselves and those we are working with, amazing shifts can occur for people. Knowing that you are not always the expert Pre-framing this with a group of participants is very important, not one of us can be right all the time, and needing to be right, can prevent us from growing as individuals and groups.
The only way to learn is to jump on in and see what happens – no ego, no fear just acceptance of ourselves and everyone we work with.
In my life, one of the biggest realisations I have ever made is that fear and trepidation is there to show us how incredible life can be on the other side. If it is time to challenge your staff in an innovative, creative, and effective way, contact us to arrange a meeting and let’s see what changes we can help you make! Tagged as: communication expert, effective training, leadership effectiveness training, learning environment, staff communication, successful leader, successful trainer, workshop facilitation Cancel reply Leave a Comment Name * E-mail * Website What amazed the team most was how well adaptas™ understood our business.One of the Worlds Largest Search Engines! Will definitely use you for projects in the future.Trinity College Dublin This training should be mandatory for all staff members.
It was excellent and was well focused all the way through.Brown Thomas It created a kind of safety net which encouraged group participation and engagement.

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