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Every organization requires some form of effective business communications, which is a vital skill for today’s graduates. Students are introduced to basic business communication concepts, theories, and techniques.
The mission of the Business Communications degree is to prepare students for transfer to a four-year college or university or become employed in an entry-level business communications position. Demonstrate knowledge of various advertising mediums such as print, radio, television, e-commerce, etc. Applicants for admission to the Business Communications degree program must comply with the college admission requirements; no specific program requirements apply.
Students may transfer credits earned at other accredited institutions provided a grade of "C" or better has been earned in courses with equivalent content. The Department of Business Studies is nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP). According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), job prospects for business graduates are strong. Gainful Employment InformationClick here to see how others have done with employment outcomes for this certificate.
Convey the impression of being a nationwide organisation, without the need to actually expand your business through setting up a 0800 number.
Freephone numbers like 0800 ones have a greater potential to increase call volume compared to local and revenue sharing numbers. Our research shows that 59% of consumers would choose not to leave a voicemail if their call was unanswered.
Save precious time by handling your call management package online – a quick update to your call scheduler to match your diary ensures your business is always connected and easily accessible to existing and potential customers even when you can’t be.

It’s easy and cost-effective to move your existing landline number, so there’s no need to worry about the impact it may have on your customer base. Set up a digital signature and you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to convert new business into revenue.
Article written by Rory Whelan, Voice Marketing Manager, j2 Global – providing advanced communications for more than 11 million customers in more than 4,100 cities around the world. Whether it’s their first interview or their fiftieth, no matter what job they’re applying for, people always seem to be worried about that question. Wes Finch, a Coventry based musician, has made huge strides in developing his career in the past few years, having supported stars including Newton Faulkner and Billy Bragg. Businesses in Stoke-on-Trent are set to benefit from a new funding scheme designed to enhance employee health and wellbeing.
Tech-savvy entrepreneurs are being offered their own state of the art research facilities as part of an innovative new scheme in Birmingham. Birmingham will be the new home for online channel BBC Three, following a package of measures announced by the Corporation today (Thu 12 May). For over 20 years we have provided business communications solutions throughout the USA and globally. Social media is a proven communications channel for marketing via conversations with the audience. Adopting to social media is a core strategy and change in communications channels within your enterprise.
Whether communicating with co-workers and colleagues or prospects and clients, business graduates must use various communication skills and techniques in their professions on a daily basis. They will also engage in organizational behavior exercises and team building activities as well as have the opportunity to apply their business communication knowledge using hands-on, real-world projects.

Our national accreditation allows our graduates to transfer to four-year colleges and universities in all regions of the country. Students with a business background can find entry-level jobs in the service, government, and non-profit sectors. Small Business Advice Week aims to help the UK’s 4.5 million SMEs flourish against corporate giants, with advice from experts and businesses alike on the issues and challenges facing these growing companies. Don’t let this happen, as the research also shows that if a call goes unanswered, more than a third of people will simply call the next business on their list. Digital signatures allow you to sign orders or contracts anywhere right from your mobile and fax or email them back for less than 25p per day.
Join our community, have your say and get your voice heard, get in touch via our contact page. Now take the next step and harness the power of communities to bring your customers and employees together.
This may include Service-Learning projects, integrated marketing communication plans, marketing research projects, advertising campaigns, as well as case studies and business communication simulations. Whether you are starting your own business and need to build your client base, or already have an existing business that needs to stand up against bigger players, it is important that your business is easily accessible to customers.
Here Rory Whelan, Voice Marketing Manager for eReceptionist, explains his top tips to ensure effective business communications.

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