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As part of its continued commitment to the principle of ‘accessible and flexible education for all’, the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences has announced the provision of €100,000 in Bursaries for its Business Certificate and Degree Programmes commencing in September 2016.
These awards are available for a range of full and part-time courses and are on an open application process. At the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences we pride ourselves on having a cutting edge programme of business and management courses relevant to the needs of a modern economy.
At ICHAS we strive to develop future leaders who will take up a leading role in the world of business and management. All our business and management courses whether at Certificate, Degree or Masters levels,  are delivered by  team of  dedicated experts who have extensive expertise both of academic and of the real world.  Whether it is financial, marketing or leadership that you are considering then ICHAS can help you realise your goals and potential.
Our use of blended learning across many of our programmes allows you to engage with the college both on line and face to face.
All our business and management courses are accredited and awarded by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and are on the National Framework of Qualifications. As Ireland’s  economy continues to grow there is an increased demand for graduates with business and management qualifications. A corner stone of the ICHAS philosophy is our commitment to accessible and affordable education for all. As Ireland emerges from the recession, there are expanding opportunities once more for those with a comprehensive education in Business. Enter your email address to subscribe to ICHAS and receive notifications of new posts, events, and news by email. Psych CentralOur Weekend With An ADHD Child May 19, 2016Over the weekend, I got to spend TWO WHOLE DAYS with my favorite little man.
Business courses are a brilliant way of increasing your individual skills and career path trajectory. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team on the excellent delivery of the course I attended - Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Please feel free to fill out our enquiry form below with any questions or queries you may have regarding our services. Everyone has a a€?big idea.a€? Some treat it as a passion, a higher calling to shape a better world. Either way, that idea is always there, a lodestar that offers hope and purpose as it draws other inspirations into its orbit.
To breath life into an idea, you need more than unwavering commitment and a fearless embrace of the uncertain.
You can learn these lessons by trial-and-error a€” or you can follow a less painful path: Taking advice from some of the best minds in entrepreneurship. Taking one step back, Michigan Statea€™s a€?The Search for Great Ideas: Harnessing Creativity to Empower Innovationa€? amplifies Whartona€™s lessons by exploring how prospective entrepreneurs come up with ideas in the first place.
The University of Maryland and Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) take a similar broad view, featuring a start-to-finish walk through the entire entrepreneurial process, covering everything from writing a business plan to benchmarking success to establishing partnerships. At the same time, the University of Rochester zeroes in on technology commercialization, an intensive development process that requires more time and resources than your standard bootstrap operation. The University of Virginia covers a€?Strategic Planning and Execution.a€? And the University of Illinois continues to reinforce its leadership role in business operations, with courses offered in organizational design and process improvement. For students looking to build their financial acumen, the University of Geneva will be unveiling its a€?Meeting Investors Goals,a€? a MOOC offered in partnership with UBS that provides best practices for managing portfolios.

The University of Michigan concludes its a€?Introduction to Finance: Valuation and Investinga€? specialization with a a€?Valuing Projects and Companiesa€? MOOCs that pulls together the lessons from time value of money, risk and return, and alternative methodologies.
For real back to basics instruction, Wharton is offering a€?Introduction to Spreadsheets and Modelsa€? to expose students to the full range of modeling and forecasting options available through spreadsheets. Yes, operations is the science of juggling variables, containing costs, and mitigating risk. In a new MOOC, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management integrates the science and art of operations. Here, students can master that elusive and intricate balancing act that is the foundation of operations. For a more international perspective, Italy's best business school, SDA Bocconi, is offering a free MOOC on international leadership and organizational behavior, to help student navigate cultural minefields.
And if you have never tried out a MOOC and would like to sample one this next month without having to do demanding statistics or accounting, check out Cornell University's American Capitalism: A History.
Over the eight-week course, which requires about four hours a week, two of Cornell's historians teach the early beginnings of capitalism and how it has been shaped by favorable global trends, technological innovations, unique cultural values, millions of success individual storiesa€¦and dumb luck. In addition, you'll find courses covering content strategy, entrepreneurship and job hunting this March. Our programmes which are at Certificate, Degree and Masters Levels and aim to develop professionals who can work in a variety of specialist areas both nationally and internationally.
Our role is not simply to educate individuals but to create dynamic and innovative professionals who will lead our changing society. Our learning environment has the student at its core and our facilities have everything in place to support your studies. Blended learning greatly increases the options and approaches you have when studying a specific programme.
This means that the currency value of your qualification is guaranteed both nationally and internationally.
Business and Management Qualifications at ICHAS will allow you to pursue careers in a variety of different employment settings including banking, financial management, sales and marketing , entrepreneurship, management etc.  As a specialist college we support students from the day they enter the college to the day they leave and beyond. RAM Training Services offers comprehensive business courses with the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and a Diploma of Leadership and Management. Beating the odds also requires an understanding of the process every ideation goes through on the way to market. In March, youa€™ll find many of the top MOOCs take their cue from the startup world, with an emphasis on creating, planning, scaling, innovating, and launching.
The course provides not only a process for forming ideas, but testing them early in the process. Of course, no series of startup courses would be complete without a dose of a€?New Venture Finance,a€? the University of Marylanda€™s how-to for courting investors.
IE Business School addresses a€?Pricing Strategy,a€? documenting options to help maximize revenue without turning off customers.
Unlike many MOOCs, the course will be driven by case studies, no different than a Kellogg MBA course.
This month, MIT will also apply the case study method to help learners understand how data analytics can help them better understand their customers and potential gaps and opportunities. And the University of Strathclyde provides a futurist perspective on business, examining how the knowledge economy, technology, ethics, and globalization are re-shaping the roles and challenges facing organizations.

As one reviewer put it: "It is a history not just of American capitalism but a history of America.
Our Bursaries are non-repayable awards allocated on the basis of financial need and without undue emphasis on academic standing.
In particular for those considering courses at Masters level this flexibility is often a key factor in deciding whether to commence a programme. The programmes have been designed in consultation with prospective employers and business leaders. The development and realisation of your career is a central component of everything we do on our business and management courses and throughout college life.
At undergraduate level this means you will pay the same fees that a national university student pays per annum. Professionals, with years of industry experience, teach the courses, guaranteeing that you will learn the latest techniques and strategies in modern management.
The University of Minnesota has introduced a new series on how to recruit and onboard employees just in time for upcoming graduations. Like any science, there is also an art to creating systems that eliminate bottlenecks and redundancies.
Even more, students will receive data from Kellogg's corporate partners, so they can develop models and make decisions based on what they'd encounter in the world. For aspiring bankers, the University of Chicago is launching the second half of its asset pricing course, giving students a taste of what it's like to study at one of the premier finance schools in the world. The content  of each programme has been specifically designed to encompass the needs of the modern business world. At post graduate level our fees are considerably less than those of the Universities or Institutes of Technologies.  In addition the college has a ‘learn and earn’ policy in place for all its undergraduate programmes. Taking the step up to study for a management position shows a willingness to accept responsibility and a competency in your current industry.
With the boundaries between operations and c-suite functions fading, it pays for leaders to learn exactly how operations can become a true differentiator in their firm. This is a chance to study for six weeks under one of Booth's superstar professors, John Cochrane, who literally wrote the book on asset pricing. The college aims to ensure that all full time programmes are completed over 3 consecutive days thus allowing our students to gain employment to support their college fees.  Finally to support students we have a instalment plan in place that allows you to pay  fees over a period of time at no extra cost. RAM’s courses will leave you with all the tools required to take on an effective management position. What steps are required to fulfill an order a€”and can you configure your location to maximize speed and efficiency? May 19, 2016One of the things I love about any creative process—whatever you’re making and however you’re making it—is how it spills over into the rest of our lives.

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