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The Khan Academy, an online learning nonprofit backed by powerful investors and organizations like the Gates Foundation and Google, is a great way to keep expanding your knowledge, regardless of your age or educational background. We asked Salman Khan, founder, executive director, and lead tutor of Khan Academy, for the top 10 lectures professionals in any industry would appreciate, and included them below. Not every lecture is the first one in its respective series, but Khan thinks each is a good indicator of whether you'd like to spend more time going through all the videos and exercises in that course. This series of courses reflects the different levels of management and the various responsibilities involved. These sales based courses are designed to address all the various sales approaches and remain focused on the issues of today. Whether the selling is on the telephone, face-to-face or at an exhibition, these courses are aimed at those who want repeat business.
How we treat others and how we are expected to Safeguard the more vulnerable in our society has become the focus of many changes in socially based legislation. No one is suggesting that change is always easy but, if embraced, will almost certainly mean a more harmonious working environment and people are kept safe. Bracey Business Training prides itself on the ability to create specific courses for individual customers. Our portfolio is based on communication as the core skill but we are more than happy to talk to clients about their training needs. Our wish is to make both information and ease of contact as trouble free for clients as possible.
Steve Bracey has been training for over 30 years and held senior management positions in well-known organisations. A Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, he started the company in 1990 and has rapidly built up a reputation not only as a presenter but for constructing and developing training programmes throughout the UK. Steve Humpherson joined Bracey Business Training in August 2005 and brings with him a wealth of experience having worked in various industries and businesses. The following 13 years has seen him working in various posts for local and national government in the world of training. These standards have been instrumental in both retaining customers and developing new ones.
The development of courses and clients has resulted in Bracey Business Training becoming a partnership with Steve Bracey and Steve Humpherson. You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute, copy or commercially exploit the content on this website.
To contact Steve Bracey, please call (07860 841347) or call (07946 308594) for Steve Humpherson. Cookie Policy: To help us better understand how our visitors use this site, we use Google Analytics. If you choose to accept cookies while browsing our site, we will assume applied consent has been given.
Free online courses for business administration can be as comprehensive as those featured in universities with MBA programs.
There are also topics on legal aspects of business, statistical & quantitative methods, managerial economics and management accounting.
These websites also focus on other topics such as sales and distribution management, strategic management and entrepreneurship.
Also included in these programs are business research, business law, industrial relations and managerial economics. Online Courses for Business Administration With online courses for business administration, students now have the option of learning directly on the Internet. Business Management Online Courses for Free Business management online courses for free keep your knowledge in the industry up to date at no cost. Free Online Courses for Business Analyst Free online courses for business analyst enable anyone to become versed in the subject.
Online Courses for Business Analyst A Business Analyst plays a critical role in business growth and development. Whatever your situation, there are plenty of excellent free online courses available this fall. What you'll learn: The course covers everything you need to know to understand an income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. What you'll learn: How to analyze and improve business processes by studying approaches like lean operations, Six Sigma, and the Toyota production system. What you'll learn: Wharton has one of the highest-ranked marketing departments in the world.

What you'll learn: How to give your company big, meaningful growth, learning which risks to take and which to avoid. What you'll learn: The basics of starting a company that will give investors the essential "fear of missing out" that will make them want to invest in you. What you'll learn: How businesses are finding ways to grow while limiting their effect on the environment and providing fair wages to outsourced labor.
What you'll learn: This is the course to take if you need to build up your financial vocabulary and basic understanding of the relationship between companies and investors in capital markets. What you'll learn: Think of this as an extensive Google case study, learning how the media, politicians, marketers, and technologists work with the tech industry along the way. What you'll learn: How to develop an onboarding plan that will allow you to quickly begin making an influence after transitioning to a new job.
What you'll learn: How to invest in your retirement, build your credit, and manage your taxes in this Personal Finance 101 course. What you'll learn: Valuable management advice from some of the world's greatest entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Small business management classes provide you with a solid foundation in business principles and strategies, preparing you to adequately launch your own entrepreneurial endeavors. The curriculum for small business management programs emphasizes the application of business principles to real-world small business settings.
Many degree programs in small business management are flexible, allowing students to complete some or all of their coursework online. Small businesses offer an innovative, creative, and flexible environment that presents you with exciting new challenges every day. If you are not quite ready to start your own small business or take over an existing enterprise, you could pursue a variety of business jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not specifically report the salary of small business managers and owners.
Organizational Management Degree: Paving the Way to a Future in Management Improve your management, organizational, and interpersonal skills by earning an organizational management degree. Entrepreneurship Degree: Become Your Own Boss Do you have dreams of founding your own company and working for yourself? But as you get deeper and deeper into your career, it can become easy to stop pushing yourself to acquire new skills or retain what you've already learned.
The site features hundreds of free courses across a wide variety of subjects, consisting of video lectures and exercises. Whether an Individual is called a supervisor, team leader or manager; they all have the difficult task of managing people while, at the same time, having to fulfill their own tasks and duties.
Collectively they are not for the 'hard-sell gift of the gab merchant' but for modern sales people with understanding of customer needs and attitudes.
To this end, we have ensured that we have a number of first-class Associate Trainers who can be called upon for specialist subjects. This being the case, we use any spare time to generate new ideas and training opportunities.
The client list now includes small businesses, multi-nationals, local goverment and housing associations. The company can also offer a number of experienced Associate Trainers with various subject expertise. Nor may you transmit, store or copy any of its content to any form of digital, electronic or print medium.
If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message and contact details, and we will come back to you at our earliest opportunity. Registered Office: Waterside Cottage, Horsebridge Lane, Whittington, Kinver, South Staffordshire.
You can, at any time, change your browsing settings to not accept cookies, but we ask that you allow us to use these valuable but anonymous files so that we may improve our visitor experience in the future. After covering the basic concepts, you can study communication skills, information technology and the basics of marketing. You will also find modules covering practice of management, principles and organizational behavior.
In addition to the main course, you can also take up banking management, corporate governance, business ethics, risk management and insurance.
No course is complete without knowledge of financial accounting and quantitative methods for management. Although there are tuition based courses on the web, these free resources offer high quality topics too.

The task of analyzing business data and providing apt solutions to business process issues lies heavily upon the Business Analyst. Or maybe you realize that after years as a professional you still don't know how to best manage your finances. This course is broken into three parts: branding, customer centricity, and fundamental marketing strategies.
Learn things like your reservation price and stretch goal, psychological techniques to avoid getting trapped, and the four essential contract law questions you need to ask. Pursuing a small business management degree equips you with the skills and training needed to run a small business.
You could take a few stand-alone courses in small business management or complete a full program that culminates in a degree.
Associate’s degree programs may be completed in two-years, and bachelor’s degree programs typically take four years. This means students can tailor their studies to suit their needs and make the program work around their schedule and other commitments. As a small business manager or owner, your duties may include creating and implementing a new business plan, managing staff and payroll, identifying new opportunities, and securing financial resources. Potential career paths for those with a degree in small business management include business development, customer relations, marketing and sales, and small business financial accounting.
Small business manager salaries are all over the map, so it is difficult to quote a specific wage. If you want to develop the business acumen and technical expertise needed to launch a new business, then pursuing a degree or taking a few classes in small business management may be right for you. This series of courses addresses the need to communicate well with customers and colleagues and the importance of perception. Bracey Business Training offers a complete range of people skills training and we pride ourselves on tailoring content to ensure that our customer needs are met. All this ensures that Bracey Business Training can still provide our customers with the promise made at the start of business in 1990; Quality and Personal Service Ensures Customer Satisfaction. Among the most popular are environmental management, economic environment of business, research methodology and management information system and management. By the end of these courses, you should be able to run your own business or be comfortable in investing.
Whether you are interested in management, entrepreneurship, marketing or other fields, these courses can help you. Subjects that you will learn about include legal and business requirements, customer service, and financial planning, among others.
Degrees in small business management are offered at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. Master’s degrees can take from one to two years to complete, whereas doctoral programs might take from three to five years. But to give you an idea, in 2013, the median annual salary for administrative service managers was $82,310. Get your small business off to a great start by taking small business management courses today.
Added to this, we will not only be blogging but, in the near future, we shall be on Linkedln.
The latter includes management of logistics, manufacturing, operations and human resources.
Options include a Master’s program in Financial Engineering, a Doctoral Program an Executive MBA or MBA. Ensure that you have the entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed when you hang out your own shingle by taking small business management courses. Small business management may also be offered as a concentration within a business administration degree. While the salaries for these management positions can be hefty, the income spans a wide margin.

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