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A CV is a marketing tool that conveys your personal details in a way that presents you in the best possible light. Sales Executive Resume Sample – A reverse chronological, accomplishment-focused resume with results graphs. Asset Management Executive Resume – Client was looking for a similar role as interim CIO or CIO for a publicly traded company. Business Technology Executive Resume – Client wanted to move into a CTO role, so resume was achievement-focused with an added “Career Highlights” box. VP Finance Resume – Senior Exec client with a strong achievement focus in a chronological format.
Professional Resume sample based on a functional style that focuses on new skills obtained to transition into a different role. Professional level sales resume in a chronological format with a graph highlighting growth.

Organizational Leadership Resume – Client wanted to transition back into organizational leadership or change management after trying his hand at teaching.
General-Operation Management Resume – Client wanted to move from a role of manager of a family-owned store into a general manager or operational manager role.
Nursing Entry Level Resume – Client wanted to utilize recent degree to land a nursing job.
Mil-to-Civil Professional Sample – A military-to-civilian resume focusing on experience and skill transition.
Typical Career Change resume that focuses on the client’s skills rather than job positions. A LinkedIn profile will greatly improve your chance of being seen by hundreds or even thousands of potential contacts. Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW owns Professional Resume Services, where she and her talented staff of writers specialize in professional & executive resumes.

He needed to document his exceptional achievements and show his scope of experience in a senior management, lean manufacturing position.
Focus of resume was change management and process improvements due to leadership strategies and development. Format is chronological with a ”technical proficiencies” section in the middle of the first page to showcase what he excels in. It’s a great way to connect with old co-workers, prospect companies, and respond to job openings. Erin is internationally recognized by her peers as one of the best of the best, she is a perennial award-nominated certified resume writer.

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