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On this page you will find a bank of 9 professionally designed Business Development Manager CV templates. Possessing excellent written and oral communication skills including presentation experience to large and diverse audiences.
Project management and supervising and coordinating work of staff & external third parties. Planning and developing the right marketing strategy to get the product noticed by the target audience. Brief and train the sales force at quarterly sales meetings to create product awareness and demand. Consistent track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs whilst increasing productivity, all to tight time scales and within budget. Able to work closely with the sales team to develop sales tools and training packages for key staff.
Many companies think they are the same, and as a result they struggle with embracing the BD mindset.
If you would like the fully editable MS Word versions of the CV templates below then you can purchase all of them for ONLY £5. Also managing the product throughout the product lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with clients to deliver winning products.
Job seekers may download and use this CV example for their own personal use to help them create their own CVs. In fact, corporate executive titles such as VP of Sales and Business Development clearly demonstrate that some companies do not know the difference, as they have salespeople attempting to manage their BD effort. They treat it no differently than a sales effort and build their operations and incentives as though BD was a sales function. However these CVs must not be distributed or made available on other websites without our prior permission.

In a BD Deal, Everything is DifferentThe first step is to acknowledge that there is a difference between sales and BD.
While BD helps accelerate sales, BD is not sales.In sales, there is a transaction—goods are exchanged for dollars. In fact, BD is the polar opposite of sales.The BD mindset is about selling a vision of the future to an industry giant—your sumo partner—with whom you wish to collaborate. It is about defining what you and your partner can do together that neither of you are doing today in order to better serve your current and future customers. In turn, this means exponential revenue growth for both companies.The biggest difference between sales and BD is in the dynamics that exist around selling (which is focused for revenue growth today) versus BD (which is focused around growing your revenue through strategic relationships for tomorrow). Clarity in a BD Deal Can be Your Biggest DownfallMarketing communications experts tell you that in business, the clearer you are about your message, product or service, the more successful your company will be. While this may be true in a sales environment, the exact opposite is true in BD.In BD, the right amount of ambiguity can be your greatest strength.
Strategic ambiguity is your goal during the BD pitch process and throughout most of the negotiation phase. As you are presenting your vision for a partnership with your potential sumo company, the last thing you want to do is to be overly specific about what you are proposing. You may think that this contradicts everything you have heard from sales and marketing gurus.
Ambiguity is critical when positioning the sumo for the deal because it accomplishes two goals. Ambiguity entices your potential sumo to want to learn more, and it protects your BD strategy. By withholding specifics in the courting process, it minimizes the possibility of your potential partner to say “no,” and it protects your company from collateral damage should your potential partner go to your competitor.
By holding back information, rather than disclosing your coveted BD plan, you keep them engaged.3.

When reeling in a big fish, you want to attract its attention with some bait—something very attractive. Once the fish decides to take a nibble, your goal is to get it on the line without breaking the line.
If the line breaks, you have a “no.”Keeping the line intact takes sharing bits and pieces of details about your deal’s potential. In fishing terms, this process of drawing the fish near is called “chumming.” You need to let up a little to give your sumo partner (or fish) time to go away and assess what this deal would mean for their organization. Then you check in and drop another detail that piques their interest, all the while driving them toward the boat where you’ll catch them in a net.
What you don’t want to do is put some tasty bait on the line and then start reeling in the line as fast as you can before they’ve even come close enough to sink the hook. That’s a sales approach, not a BD strategy.Partners need enough information about the proposed project to be interested, but if you overwhelm them, they will start swimming in the opposite direction. Then you are left with nothing and the fish is still in the water and is still hungry—and still open to tasting bait dangled by other anglers. The only thing worse than a sumo walking away from your deal is that same sumo deciding to partner with your largest competitor. If you unfold the details early in the game, then your sumo can shop around to the competition.
So keep the information vague until you have the fish on the line, virtually swimming toward the waiting boat as you lead it along.Use the BD Effort to Grow SalesWhile sales and BD are polar opposites in terms of how each achieves its goals, BD helps grow sales by giving the sales effort a unique and distinct advantage. In BD, there isn’t a transaction that governs the relationship, nor is BD governed by an invoice or a contract.

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