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Our video-based, live-facilitated management training has received the “National Training Award,” the highest accolade in England’s training industry.
We are a four-time honoree, by Entrepreneur magazine, as the world’s #1 management training franchise.
Most of all, the most admired firms in the world – of all sizes and fields – have turned to Crestcom for more than 22 years to grow their leaders and generate real business results. Rather than slashing prices to gain market share, Lisa Ford claims that greater, more lasting benefit is achieved by amazing, astounding & astonishing customers with service.
How do you help others to catch the spirit, power, and satisfaction of contagious leadership?
Of every 4 change efforts taken in business, 3 of them fail to change anything at all, or they make things worse. In terms of immediate performance impact, perhaps no area of training is more important than negotiation training. Research shows that the #1 cause of executive failure in business is rooted in communication.
A tech industry executive said once that, “Innovation is a social process more than anything else.” Bob Johnson offers a 5-step strategy to help succeed in the social process of innovation. Top companies may lose up to half of their top executives to retirement in the next 5 years.
Executives often complain about a lack of time, when in reality, they have all the time there is. When executives were asked to name the most important quality for leaders to possess in hard times, their most common response was the ability to motivate people. Limited Spots on 60% Discount for Lifetime VIP reOpened!!!So you just pay $39 (Regular $97) for LIFETIME Membership.
If you are looking to become a more effective and efficient-manager or executive, there are various skills you must possess and develop.
At The Business Talent Coach, our Management Leadership Essentials Training and Development provides additional knowledge, skills and tools to assist newly promoted management through executive level management with continued success in maintaining their competitive edge in today’s business environment.
By engaging the services of The Business Talent Coach, we explore and help identify management deficits, and then tailor our training and coaching to address these needs. As we are an international company, we are aware of the skills needed on a global scale to ensure success. If you want to certain your work gets the recognition it deserves, and you want to gain a reputation as a strategic, results oriented leader, call us today. The Strategic Business Planning module for The Chamber Leadership program focused on participants developing a one year strategic plan for their role in their respective business position.
Emphasis was placed on defining in a one page format their mission, goals, strategies and action steps that are quantifiable to achieve their chosen business outcomes. Our ability to achieve personal and business success is directly related to how well we can break through fear. Thank you to the BLP members that volunteered at Gog Le Hi Te Beach Cleanup for Earth Week in April!

This semester the BLP welcomed speakers from a variety of firms, including Boeing, Amazon, EMC2, Hitachi Consulting, and more.
The Business Leadership Program (BLP) is a highly selective program within the School of Business & Leadership. The BLP is distinguished by a unique curriculum that blends academic coursework in business and the liberal arts, and features seven special BLP student-only classes. The Business Leadership Program is also distinctive because it requires students to apply their academic knowledge to real world situations. BLP graduates find open doors to leading graduate schools and employment with respected not-for-profit and corporate employers.
Admission to the Business Leadership Program requires a supplemental application form in addition to the application to the university. A new program in the GW School of Nursing this fall will teach entrepreneurship and finance skills to help students become better hospital leaders. Media Credit: Hatchet File Photo A new program by the nursing and business schools caters toward the nurses who are increasingly seeking top spots in hospital leadership. The nursing school, the University’s newest and smallest college, is launching its first executive leadership program in conjunction with the GW School of Business to design coursework and teach classes, as GW stresses interdisciplinary studies.
Christine Pintz, director of the doctor of nursing practice program, said local employers told school officials that nurses need to solidify their business acumen to move up the ladder into hospital executive roles. The school will initially admit five to 10 students, mostly pulling from its existing pool of doctor of nursing practice students. Nursing officials are also working with professors in the business school to develop new finance and entrepreneurship courses to offer to the nursing students, who will join classes with aspiring CEOs and business leaders. Provost Steven Lerman said the program demonstrated the kind of connections he has urged deans to make between their colleges. The GW Law School has also paired up with the business school to start programs in government contracting, while the Graduate School of Education and Human Development is working out a partnership for educational entrepreneurship. Lerman said his office is trying to work with colleges to overcome hurdles that stand in the way of launching these kind of programs. The addition will also help the nursing school continue to steadily grow after starting up in 2010. The program also adds to the list of master’s programs at least partially housed in the business school. Our free online management training and leadership skills course will teach you management skills, leadership styles, and the fundamentals of a mini-MBA business management certification program.
Be a Great Manager and Strong Leader through our Free 10 lesson Management Training and Leadership Skills Course.
I was kind of nervous the first day because I did not know anyone, but when I arrived and we were put into our groups, I instantly made three friends. More than 98% of our clients have said that our training equaled or exceeded their expectations. George Walther shares how we can make leadership our primary business language and project a more positive self-image to others.

Each person received feedback on how to improve and evolve their plan from members of the leadership program.
Each year, up to twenty-five freshmen are admitted into this experiential four-year program. Students are educated in business fundamentals including accounting, finance, law and ethics, leadership, management, and marketing. Students participate in regional business field trips, an evening leadership speaker series, and a professional internship.
Many BLP students complete double majors in disciplines such as music, economics, mathematics, computer science, foreign languages, or international political economy. BLP graduates enter the world with a background designed for success and a determination to become the kind of leader their broad-based education has inspired them to be.
Once admitted, students are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average. The partnership between the two schools is an example of an interdisciplinary effort that GW has pushed in recent years. Over the next year, Pintz said the school will develop a marketing and admissions strategy to expand.
Similar programs have cropped up recently at the nursing schools at Johns Hopkins University and the University of North Carolina.
The provost has stressed the creation of interdisciplinary programs since penning the University’s decade-long strategic plan. Since then, the school has jumped to the top tier of program rankings, refurbished a simulation lab and doubled fundraising goals. Under Dean Doug Guthrie, the college has added a number of executive education, online and MBA programs.
Paulson shares practical tips for helping leaders to put better listening to their advantage. The courses and pedagogy emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, and  effective written and verbal communication. In addition, BLP students are paired with regional business leaders, who serve as mentors throughout the sophomore, junior, and senior years. The school, which is based on the Foggy Bottom and Virginia campuses, has also increased its enrollment and bulked up staffing. Students are taught to logically formulate and investigate questions relevant to profit and not-for-profit organizations.
These volunteer mentors, typically Puget Sound alumni, help prepare students for internships and careers by teaching from personal and professional experience. Through required coursework in the humanities and social sciences, BLP students develop an awareness of the relationship between business and other important disciplines.

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