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If you know who you’re meeting, take 10-20 min to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter them. If you’re in a busy lobby and you don’t know your strangers face, finding them can be awkward at times.
Exchange some short pleasantries then ask where they would like to go (unless there is already a plan). Don’t worry what they say – you’re just trying to keep them engaged until you arrive at the sitting location. Try to find an anecdote (maybe something that happened on the way in or earlier that day) or common topic (the offices, building, location, current event or last resort – the weather) to keep them chatting until the sitting location. Also, avoid discussing any important topics during the walk, interruptions are common and will kill your flow. Once you arrive at the meeting table, wait for the person you’re meeting to sit down first (unless they offer you a seat – then just take it).
Once seated, give a business card to each person so they know who you are, how to spell your name (useful if you have a weird name like mine) and how to contact you after. An interesting post I think the most important aspect of any meeting to make a great impression is to be in the moment, this is done by being mentally prepared for the situation.

If using Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, see Frequently Asked Questions for Using Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. You wouldn’t do it in an interview, but you’ll never have a consultant from McKinsey or KPMG book a meeting without sending you one.
If you think there is a 50%+ chance you’ll be late by even a few minutes, call and notify someone.
I hold my folder with my left hand and keep my right hand in my pocket –dodges the slimy handshake.
I used to get very nervous, but after picking the brains of the experienced and breaking down the process I became more comfortable. I find that mentally rehearsing potential responses to generic questions builds confidence.
The preparation is important, but unless you actually deliver in the moment, its not going to do you much good.
Others include sales pitches, freelance consultations, partnerships, supplier agreements and even dates. But you’re also looking for personal information such as achievements and common interests.

It looks way better to call and say you may be 5 min late, and arrive on time, then if you arrive 5 min late without calling.
Don’t take this to the extreme but if the opportunity is there, unleash the chivalry (that goes for you too ladies!). 93% of communication is non-verbal (body language and tonality) so paying attention to these details can make a big difference.
I even more hate it when you walk into a meeting room and there’s 4 people looking at you. This is not always possible but it makes it easier to look over documents together or to describe while writing on paper or using your laptop.

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