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We developed our online business management program with significant input from experts and business leaders who serve on our Business Program Council.
The bachelor’s in business management degree program also requires the successful completion of a capstone written project. You’ll collaborate with your Faculty Mentor to determine the learning resources that will help you develop and demonstrate your competency in each subject area. We're committed to keeping tuition low and making sure our online education degree programs remain the very best value for hardworking students. You’ll pay the same low, flat-rate tuition each 6-month term, regardless of how many courses you complete.
WGU's Bachelor of Science in Business Management program is typically about half the cost of a comparable program at another online university.
WGU's financial aid experts are on hand to help you finance your education in the smartest way possible. Western Governors University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
You can learn more about how employers view WGU grads by exploring our National Student Success and Performance Data. WGU is an accredited online university offering online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. We're emailing you the app fee waiver code and otherinformation about getting your degree from WGU.
Of course, working full-time and getting your MBA at the same time is not an easy task, but with the addition of online options popping up in colleges and universities nationwide, it is certainly obtainable. With an AACSB accreditation, you can be certain that you are attending a top notch school as this accreditation is the hallmark of excellence in business education with only 20% of the business schools in the world receiving this honor. Arkansas State University Online MBA offers a high powered flexible MBA program geared especially for busy hard working professionals. At Miller College of Business at Ball State University, experience plays a major role in their curriculum. Prior to starting Central Michigan University’s MBA program you must meet all NINE pre-requisite courses before being accepted. At Central Michigan University, work experience and credit hours from another institution could be accepted upon certain conditions. The Georgia College online MBA is an awarded program that is designed to challenge its students to ready them for a rigorous business industry. Kelley’s School of Business online is called Kelley Direct MBA and offers you the opportunity to achieve the success of a dual masters degree with only twelve additional hours of course study. They also are very selective about who enters the MBA program and also requires your academic record, GRE or GMAT scores, letter of recommendation, leadership abilities, work experience, and personal statement.
Lubin School of Business offers two unique programs, the Executive MBA and their regular MBA program, and both are also another highly ranked business program whose eMBA is regarded as one of the best. The Penn State World Campus strongly engages students to be able to interact with faculty through various types of online communications.
The Quinnipiac University MBA program offers in depth programs for working adults and full time students.
The Hough School of Business at the University of Florida offers an online version that includes a two year program, 27 months, and a one year program which consists of 16 months of study. The MBA program offered at University of Nebraska at Lincoln allows you to complete the program in as little as two years or as many as ten years but most students complete the program in two to four years. The Naveen Jindal School of Management offers a variety of nationally ranked programs.
University of Wisconsin allows students that did not major in business to enter the MBA program through their Consortium Foundation Program which is consists of pre-requisite courses and are fully available online. Washington State University’s online MBA prepares students for the real world business industry.
Description Free Online Management Training Course and Leadership Skills Program with a Business Certificate, a Certification that is great for the New Manager. Master Class Management - Free course offers real-life manager and leadership situations, mixed with examples of MBA theory.
Learn the basics in Administration Training covering: Business Types, Ethics and Law, Economics, Finance and Accounting.
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The Business Quality Management Program is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement organizational change through quality improvement in all organizational processes of a business.
Learners will utilize information to improve the quality of products or services and evaluate customer satisfaction based on the consistent delivery of top quality products and services that are completed on time and that meet specific customer defined levels of quality.
This course examines teams and the impact of self? directed teams on continuous improvement.
This course is a study of leadership models and styles, including the principles of the latest leadership thinkers. This course covers the study and understanding of project management dealing with knowledge of the product and the environment in which the project is realized. The course is a survey of descriptive and inferential statistics, probability theory, sampling theory, hypothesis testing, and study of variability, regression and correlation.
This course provides a basic understanding of the use of accounting information for managerial decision making. Learners will be required to develop a professional portfolio that demonstrates their knowledge, skills, and abilities in their major discipline.
This course is designed to provide learners with the skills that are fundamental to becoming an information?literate professional who can locate, evaluate, organize and communicate information.
This course helps learners develop writing skills that are transferrable to any academic or workplace writing task. This course helps learners majoring in any discipline strengthen communication skills essential for success in academics and the workplace. Ethics introduces learners to moral philosophy, the branch of philosophy that questions what is good and bad. This course prepares learners to communicate effectively in business settings by helping them develop their written and oral communication skills. Our online degree program is flexible and puts you at the center of your education: you choose when and where to complete your coursework. You’ll be able to move quickly through material you already know so you can spend your time focusing on what you still need to learn. If you choose to and are able, you can add courses and move more quickly through your program.
76% of WGU students receive some type of financial aid.Federal Financial Aid is available to most students.
The Northwest Commission is also responsible for the accreditation of other major universities in the West, including the University of Washington, the University of Oregon, Gonzaga University, and the University of Utah, among many others.

You'll be given ample opportunity to master the subject matter and re-take assessments as needed in order to graduate. View our Enrollment Checklist for the easy steps to getting started.Applicants must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. When making this decision, you should know that a degree is a great investment in yourself that will pay for itself many times over. The choice to receive your Master’s in Business Management or Administration (commonly called an MBA) is a personal one, but the achievement can bring great rewards. There are also federal unsubsidized loans and private education loans obtained from private lenders available as well. Carey School of Business has a One-Course-At-A-Time format meaning that you take only one course to obtain your MBA at a time allowing for your personal and business life to coexist with your studies and at the most, a semester will include up to three classes taken in 5 week periods per course with an exam week and a short break. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University is the same quality education you would receive attending its brick and mortar counterpart.
No matter where you are or what hours that are most convenient for you, you will still be able to complete course assignments. Students enrolled in the online MBA degree programs have seven years to complete the program and, at least, two courses per semester are required. Your GMAT scores will determine your eligibility for the program BUT if you have taken the GRE within the last three years you may be able to substitute the GMAT with your GRE score. Indiana University – Bloomington is consistently one of the top ranked MBA programs available. 51 credit hours are needed to graduate with an MBA and full time is considered 6 or more hours with 3 to 5 hours being a part-time enrolled student….
Any student that wants to voluntarily enroll in the primer programs may JUST to be certain they are ready. Extremely selective, Pace University requires, also, at least five years of work experience and an undergraduate degree from an accredited college.
Students have the resources to interact with professionals from a wide range of business industries.
Bachelors degree, GMAT OR GRE scores is accepted but must be from within the last 5 years, and two official transcripts. Textbooks are there primary source so you would need to purchase those books but you would receive all assignments and take tests and such over the Internet. Beginning with a one week residency at Temple University and completing the leadership development course, students will have the opportunity to meet with fellow online classmates and their world renowned faculty. There are also loan programs such as the Federal Stafford Loan, the Federal Graduate PLUS loan and alternative educational loans along with merit scholarships.
During those weeks of study, the course will be comprised of video lectures (that can be viewed on your own schedule), assigned readings and discussion boards. You may apply thru the FAFSA for federal student loan programs and they also offer scholarships and private sector loans as well. Both the two-year and the one-year options require at least two, full-time years of professional work experience. The award winning staff will guide you just as they do the students attending classes in person. Every situation is certainly different but you should expect to spend four hours on-line and eight to twelve hours off-line PER WEEK, PER COURSE. The UT Martin MBA program is young but has already received many awards for its accomplished track record. No campus visits are required for JSOM’S programs, unless proctored exams at this location are scheduled.
They are a member of The Georgia WebMBA program which consists of highly educated faculty from six University System of Georgia institutions. And, yes, it is MANDATORY unless you live or are travelling outside of the continental United States. You should expect, at least, an additional $2,000 for books and materials depending on which elective you take. Graduates from WSU are already equipped with the tools necessary to make important business decisions. The Business Quality Management curriculum is designed to produce industry leaders capable of assessing the impact of current management processes on operations within a business. Learners will gain experience in the use of appropriate accounting and financial functions for decision making within today’s business environment.
The focus will be on viewing the organization as a series of interactive teams with emphasis on the skills and knowledge essential to organizing teams, evaluating data, measuring progress, plotting accomplishments, and developing empowered teams. The focus will be particularly on leadership within organizations emphasizing motivational, decision?making, communication, and employee involvement skills.
Emphasis will be placed on statistical applications and how to apply statistics in reducing large amounts of data into a meaningful form for effective decision making.
Pricing, promotion, distribution, and planning for the marketing effort will also be covered.
Learners will differentiate between classifications of costs and assign costs to products and services, record the flow of costs through accounts using process, job?order, and activity?based costing methods, use variance analysis to compare actual to budgeted costs, and use various managerial accounting methods such as cost?volume?profit and capital investment analysis to evaluate possible solutions to business issues. Particular attention will be given to the presentation of evidence and artifacts from their major courses as well as recent research relevant to their major courses and their specific program outcomes. Learners will explore the answer to this question, and in doing so, help lay the foundation for academic and professional success.
The abundance and rapid flow of data requires skill development in the understanding of information resources, accessing information sources, determining the credibility of Internet information, logically organizing sources and finally presenting the information professionally.
The course guides learners through the process of planning, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading academic and workplace writing. Learners will write critical, argumentative essays based on their interpretations of nonfictional texts, including literary, film, and cultural texts, and in doing so, will recognize the role of rhetoric in the writing situation as they craft persuasive discourse. Learners will focus on listening, evaluating, and delivering spoken discourse based on audience and purpose.
The course surveys a number of important ethical theories—ethical relativism, objectivism, egoism, altruism, utilitarianism, duty?based moral theory, natural law, natural rights, and virtue ethics—as they examine reasons why certain actions are morally right or wrong. The course focuses on traditional and Web?based forms of communication used in business today, including e?mail, letters, memos, reports, proposals, and presentations.
A final grade of C or higher for this course is required for learners to enroll in the capstone course. Please see Southwestern College Professional Studies Catalog for the most current degree requirements. If you’ve taken courses or received a degree from another college or university, you may be able to clear some of these requirements through transfer credit. Your final project allows you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to a real-world situation, proposing a solution to an actual issue you face in your place of business.
Applicants who do not possess an appropriate AA or AS degree will be required to take the WGU Readiness Assessment — a short, multi-part online admission test that helps determine the likelihood of success in a WGU program.
Individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn on average almost a million dollars more over the course their careers compared to those without one. Carey School of Business is taught by a world renowned faculty, the same teachers that instruct the brick and mortar students. With an action based learning style, students will get the experience they need to succeed in today’s demanding business world.

This top-ranked MBA online program will provide you with a competitive advantage in order to achieve success in your future business endeavors.
Students also have the ability to interact with business professionals and interact with real life business scenarios and problem solving.
The program has qualified faculty to lead the students into a sound future in business and their WebMBA is ranked in the top 20 AACSB-accredited distance-learning MBA programs for tuition rates well below the national average. In addition, knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required to take these online courses and if you are not familiar they have a primer course for it as well. Every three weeks you are required to attend a face-to-face meeting with faculty on campus in Harrisonburg, VA, but all other weeks it will be during an online synchronous class. There are many students who feel that the interaction with the faculty is as good if not better than sitting in a classroom. There is no additional charge for non-Pennsylvania residents.” Great news that non-residents can choose and attend this online MBA program without additional costs involved! Ethical standards and skill development are key for students during the curriculum since it is action oriented. The online courses offer working professionals whom can not afford to take off time from work many starting points throughout the year to enter the MBA program.
Each week on Thursdays, there will be a scheduled live class online, which is optional to attend. The GMAT score, the 3.0 GPA and the two years of work experience are RECOMMENDED but it will suffice to have areas of expertise to offset of one these by that highlights your abilities. In addition, you may complete these hours anytime of the day or night and although the professors sometimes hold phone conferences or on-line chat rooms to interact with students, you are not required to attend. The online MBA program is geared more towards financial services, but is open to all fields. The online program allows students to take and compete courses at a part time student pace.
The faculty at WSU has many combined years of experience in their respected fields of expertise. Special emphasis will be given to diversity management, including minorities and gender issues, in the workplace.
Learners will also develop an understanding that human relations and communications are critical to project management. The purpose of the final portfolio project is to document learner achievement and to ensure learning outcomes are met.
Each learner will develop a core set of skills needed to be both an effective college student and a successful professional in the 21st?century workplace. Learners will develop skills necessary to craft coherent sentences and paragraphs, to edit editing their writing for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In doing so, they will learn methods of questioning, analyzing, and evaluating their own beliefs as well as the perceptions and perspectives of others.
Learners will evaluate why some people are more effective than others as public speakers, analyze speeches and audiences, study ethical considerations for speakers, research and organize findings on a topic, and present findings before an audience, and learn techniques for identifying and reducing speech anxiety. Learners will apply ethical theories in the evaluation and analysis of current controversial issues, question ethical matters from a variety of angles, and acquire new tools to assist them in making ethically sound, well?informed decisions throughout their lives.
The course teaches learners to plan, write, and revise communications for a variety of audiences and in different mediums.
Still, your program will be flexible enough to fit into your schedule, not the other way around.
Boston University offers many master’s programs that are offered throughout the year. All students attending the online MBA program are generally already employed and will have access to all online classes via recorded and archived courses to accommodate your schedule. The faculty at Penn State World Campus are all full time graduate faculty with many years of combined experience in successful business industries and have also been specialty trained to teach online effectively.
The MBA program is 46 credit hours (34 core credits and 12 elective credits) but students have choices from a various group of electives for a more broad study of various areas in business.
The online MBA is taught by the same dedicated faculty that teaches the brick and mortar counterpart. The faculty uses a variety of tools accessible for students to view and listen to recorded lessons and lectures.
The Naveen Jindal School holds in high regards for the published work and contributions from its faculty towards research. Courses are offered each of the three semesters (fall, spring, and summer) also allowing students who are not able to attend campus courses due to relocation will not lose any credits from previous classes.
You MAY participate in the courses if you wish to add to discussion and complete online assignments with other students.
They have 16 full-time and 6 part-time faculty teaching the online courses and you can complete your MBA in as little as 22 months. Course procedures include oral and written communications, group interaction in class, and a group project. Additionally, learners will conduct research and report on career potentials within their major field, careers for which they are potentially most qualified, and a specific career and career path of interest resulting from their research. Learners will develop and practice practical strategies with which to become more efficient and effective learners, while also developing higher?order learning skills to reflect on critical issues relevant to both academic and professional environments such as personal responsibility and ethics.
They will learn about narrative structure and techniques as well as the elements of successful argumentation and persuasive discourse. These methods of critical thinking are intended to improve the quality and organization of learners’ writing for any purpose, including academic and workplace purposes. It also teaches learners to communicate with greater clarity, economy of language, and vigor, as well as how to communicate professionally with employees, customers, and hiring managers.
You should definitely consider federal financial aid if it means the difference between getting your degree or not. Discussion boards and virtual classrooms are also open for interacting with faculty and other students. The admission requirements are similar as on campus courses but have additional fees per credit hour for distance learning. Students will have access to communicate with the faculty one on one throughout the program.
In addition to writing essays, learners will develop more advanced research strategies, as well greater proficiency in APA style. Learners will participate in interactive online activities and complete real?world assessments that help them produce, evaluate, and improve their own written, oral, and multimedia communication skills. The same faculty that teaches the online programs also teach these same program on campus at Washington State University. Learners will develop a research plan, conduct research, organize and draft a research paper, and then revise, edit, and proofread that research paper.

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