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The IB Business and Management guru, Paul Hoang delivers a beast of a book that weighs in at just under 300 kg!
If funding is not an issue at your school, you should have Hoang in the classroom (perhaps enough for one between two) and this book in your students' bags, or even better, loaded onto your students' laptops.
I can't imagine why, if you were in the market for an IB Business and Management study guide, you would choose this one. However, there are other resources that students and teachers should be considering as well.
The new edition (September 2012) has a new colourful cover AND THAT IS IT, the new edition still contains the same pitiful contents.
I would not buy the Teacher Support Pack, and the Case Study Pack holds some promise - but does not deliver. As a Head of Department, Derek Burton has access to all of the resources produced for the course.

However, it is not a comprehensive guide and your teacher will need to supplement it with other material.This book has great questions which are clearly aligned towards each topic being studied, but provides very few answers - so again, an experienced teacher is going to be important here if this is your textbook of choice. It is 'IBO approved', whatever that may mean - these IBO approved texts seem to rely heavily on this endorsement at the expense of good content. The student cannot practice for exams with this.It is, in essence, an incomplete set of notes. If you are a teacher in the market to purchase this kind of book you should definitely only buy the HL edition.
The idea holds so much promise, a set of interactive textbooks, perfect for the one-to-one lap top environment. No teacher has time to waste, and trust me, this is a complete waste of time.If you are an IB Diploma Coordinator, please do not subject any of your Diploma teachers to the horrors of this company.
It is boring and lightweight, and it has far too few questions for the student and no answers.

If you are new to IB Business and Management teaching, register for a Category Two course and keep your mouth shut for the first day (least someone discover you are a fool!), listen and learn. It is an exceptionally weighty option and provides too much coverage of aspects of the course that are not assessed in the IB Business and Management examinations. The layout and structure of their respective sets of contents is initially difficult to follow. If you haven't listened to your teacher for two years AND your IA was terrible AND you would be over the moon if you got an IB Business and Management 4, then this may be an investment to make.
If your classroom set doesn't need replacing, don't replace them thinking that this is an improved resource.

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