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FEU Training provides training, information, advice, guidance and skills development opportunities to support your freelance career in the creative industries.
What can we do for you?The Getting Down to Business skills improvement programme helps freelances throughout England and Northern Ireland brush up on key business skills. Whether it's through great value training courses or providing freelance-focused information, there's plenty of support for our members both on and offline. Who’s Who in the FEU?Under the Federation of Entertainment Unions' (FEU) banner, the project is co-ordinated by Equity on behalf of the participating unions – Equity, the Musicians’ Union, the NUJ, and The Writers' Guild. The project is funded by unionlearn, the skills development branch of the Trade Union Congress (TUC).
Digital Learning CentreAt FEU Training we’re aiming to improve your access to learning through our Digital Learning Centre.
With a range of e-learning opportunities from downloads to video tutorials, presented in short, bite-sized pieces, you can snack on knowledge whenever you have a spare 10 minutes.
You have been caught in the cycle of layoffs and downsizing and want some control over your own work life.
Many people put huge amounts of time, energy and money into business start up but fail to invest anything into learning how to be a business owner.

Whether you are just starting up a business or find yourself still struggling to find clients after several years, don’t wait until you are at the end of your financial resources to get help.
Contact Dhyan for a free 20 minute initial consultation and find out if the coaching and training she offers is the training you need! Investing in the growth and development of people is an effective strategy for organisations to deal with the shortage of skilled and effective people in their organization.
Our training is highly interactive and is focused on teaching new skills and improving existing skills. With experienced and accredited trainers, knowledgeable learning material and course manuals, Adapt IT Training and Development offers you first-rate business and workplace skills training to empower both employees and job seekers. Strategic Direction is proud to introduce 'Essential Business Skills' a€“ a series of one-day, high impact training sessions that are totally focused on those key areas where you need to be successful now.
The global recession is coming to an end according to some experts a€“ but what about your business?
Key Negotiations have to go well, the Sales Effort needs to be very effective and Teams need to work at maximum efficiency. Maximum Sales Impact a€“ Your business development initiatives need to maximise the return from new customers and greater volume from existing ones.

Enhanced Negotiating Success a€“ Negotiations with customers and suppliers, as well as all your internal negotiations, need to have the best possible outcome. Sharper Management Skills a€“ Managers need to be able to 'step up' to both critical new demands and new staff quickly and effectively. Effective Teamwork a€“ Teams (new, well-established or virtual) must reach high performance together to deliver those crucial results. Whether you’re interested in enhancing the professional skills or improving the communication techniques of the people in your organisation, Adapt IT have the skills training and development to meet your needs. The impact of improved management skills, communications skills, customer service skills, time management skills, project management skills and selling skills can have a positive impact on the individual and the organization.

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