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Ok, even if you think I’ve gone loony, I promise this 7C checklist is a guaranteed path to better business writing. When your sales materials quote different prices than your website, readers won’t call you a flip-flopper. In our bottom-up culture, businesses cannot afford the fallout from inconsistent content, even when the inconsistency seems like no big deal!  Check out this blog excerpt.  Would you want to do business with the author of this post? Your emails, voicemail, website and social media presence are your bully pulpit…your opportunity to engage with supporters. You can be sure that your content (verbal and written) will be right when you take the time to answer a few questions before you begin you content campaign. Is there a plan in place to keep everyone in the company informed of the content we publish?
Don’t you hate those highly promoted debates where moderators ask questions and those behind the lecterns talk and talk without answering?
Your content must candidly, honestly and completely answer questions, public concerns and misunderstood details about your products and services. Creativity is your brand, your voice, your everything that sets you apart from him, or her or them! Rather than write the entire thing in a letter format like I did last time (which I think was pretty clever, if you will allow some horn-tooting), I am going to give a quick run down of what should be included in a business letter, and then give you an example of what one would look like.
Any time you write a business letter draft, it is handy to go through the eight above parts and make sure that each one has been addressed.
Your closing should reiterate everything above, and give a date of which you might like a response. When it comes to writing a business letter, it’s not necessary to mention about choosing the size of paper, leaving margins of four sides, the basic features that should appear or the proper font style and size that you all knew well anymore.

If you need to make sure that a proper business letter format has been used in your letter you can use my proofreading service where I can check the format, grammar and spelling. When you invest time listening, you gain the perspective to completely respond to your customers. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE share your Cs of better business writing in the comment section below. This was mainly aimed toward a personal correspondence, and everything taught was more of a loose guideline than a set of rules.
Have each paragraph reference one point that has to be made in the correspondence, with a descriptive opening sentence followed by a good build on that sentence through the rest of the section. If you are writing a specific deadline for action, make sure that is indicated within the closing, rather than in the body of the letter. They never seem to know quite how to open or finish off a business letter in a formal enough manner. If you follow by it, you should be able to write a simple business letter that will convey just what you need it to. Your letter looks more professional and persuasive when you don’t use indented paragraphs. Try to be simple and to the point, avoiding any emotionally driven or overly-narrative language. There are also some business letter templates that you can use and modify.Below is an example of the proper business letter format. In some situations you could chose a font such as Arial, but if youa€™re not sure if this appropriate use Times New Roman.The green numbers indicate the number of blank lines that should be left between each part of the letter when using a proper business letter format. If youa€™d like to ask me any questions you can use the contact me page or go to the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page.

The red numbers identify the different parts of the letter; see the notes for additional explanations.
If you use company or headed letter paper you dona€™t need to include this again as ita€™s already on the top of the paper.
For American English this should be in the format of month, day, year; while for British English it would be day, month, year. Then on the next line their position in the company or job title; then the name of the company and the address of the company (full address).
4) A greeting, almost always a€?Deara€™ then the title and last name of the recipient if youa€™ve not met the recipient. If you know them you can use their full name and if you know them well you can just use their first name. If the letter will be sent electronically you can use an electronic signature that can be inserted here. 9) Your name and title typed so the recipient of the letter can tell who it came from in case they cana€™t read your signature. If you send a letter applying to a job interview and include your resume, the letter would state one enclosure (the resume). If there are no additional documents you dona€™t need to specify this so dona€™t include this line.For a large number of enclosures ita€™s a good idea to provide a list of the documents as well.

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