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Re-inforce leadership competencies in executives, managers, supervisors, and rising stars in your company. Your team gains a framework for planning and writing complex, research-driven documents efficiently and effectively. Increase your market share by developing your team's writing skills - a vital component to any sales, marketing, and customer-service training. This course is designed to emphasise on clarity, simplicity and coherence in business writing. The skills needed in being able to explain or describe processes in a concise and professional manner. Everyone who writes business letters, e-mail, reports or memos and wants to improve his or her writing skills will benefit from this program including line and staff supervisors, managers, executives and all business people.
Our IATA Certified Trainers Anto Mathai and Aneeta Mathai have attended IATATraining Partner Congress, October 22-23, 2015 in Hamburg, Germany.

Every technical writer faces the challenges of making the complex data and detailed information easily understood and meaningful to the non-technical reader. It takes a lot of skill to communicate technical or commercial information efficiently and accurately.
Our workshop will help participants improve their technical writing skills with confidence, gain powerful strategies for quickly organizing ideas and thoughts, and develop attention-grabbing writing techniques that will enable participant to hold the readera€™s interest. Learners will apply principles for presenting information hierarchically to create a compelling and logically structured argument.
They'll learn to build and manage relationships using customer-focused messages and proposals powerful tools in the sales process.
It will increase awareness of your own writing technique and provide practical guidelines to sharpen and refine your writing.
This is the standard of documenting your findings, research, and analysis of any undergoing project.

Work Better Training has designed course specifically for those who are required to write technical reports.
Your skill in writing technical reports helps your seniors to assess your ability in analyzing, structuring and documenting the information in a concise and precise format. We focus on each and every aspect of technical reports as we understand the importance of reports in the organization and the impact it can have on any employeea€™s growth.

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