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First of all you need to set up an account which is free to do at our official Online Lottery retailer. If you don’t want to pick the numbers yourself just click ‘Quick Pick’ on the left and a random number generator will select the numbers for you. Finally, just click ‘Play Numbers’ and you will receive a notification via the e-mail you gave when you set up your account just to confirm which draw you have entered into and what the numbers are you selected. Using our Lottery retailer means that you do not have to be in one of the participating countries to purchase a New York Lotto ticket online.
Registering an account is pretty straightforward with just a few details required in order to get started.

Filling this in is simple – just select the draw you want to play in and the amount of weeks you want to play it for.
You can if you want to print this email out but it is entirely up to you as all the tickets you have brought will be on your account on the Lottery website. The service will buy a ticket on your behalf in one of the participating countries and add it to your account ensuring that all tickets that you purchase, New York Lotto or any other world lottery, are safe and secure. You will need to complete registration which require details like your name, address, email address etc.
Since its inception in 1967 the New York Lottery has raised over $34 billion in aid of education.

Once you have completed the sign-up process you are ready to purchase New York Lotto tickets online. The most appealing ones start at 3 million dollars rolling over every week if there are no winners.

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