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Assembly Bill 60, also known as AB 60, the New Driver’s License bill for California residents who do not have proof of legal U.S. Signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in October, 2013, AB 60 will allow all eligible drivers in California who cannot prove their legal immigration status to apply for a special driver’s license.
The increased support to educate immigrants comes after Nevada’s disastrous experience, where a new driver authorization card was offered to undocumented immigrants – in the first few weeks, 90 percent flunked Nevada’s written test. California estimates 1.4 million people will apply for the license and plans to open five new offices to handle the predicted flood of new applications. From January 1, 2015, to June 30, 2017, immigrants who apply to obtain a driver’s license may need to pay an additional fee to offset the cost of issuing these new licenses.
Enabling undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers’ licenses and auto insurance will make the streets safer by giving drivers’ training to people who would otherwise be driving on the streets without adequate education. California Governor Jerry Brown has signed the bill AB 60 allowing immigrants to be eligible for a driver’s license. California joined the increasing list of States that accept the immigrants who are in the United States illegally to obtain a driver’s license. Governor Jerry Brown along with Los Angeles Major Eric Garcetti Lead the press conference held at the City Hall in Los Angeles.
The licenses, which are expected to become available no later than January 2015, will carry a special designation on the front and a notice stating that the document is not official federal identification and cannot be used to prove eligibility for employment or public benefits.

Adriana Gallardo, CEO of Adriana’s Insurance, was also present at the ceremony representing the insurance industry as one of the largest insurance companies in Southern California.
Adriana’s Insurance, the largest insurance brokerage with over 20 years of experience in Southern California, has been helping families and businesses in California find insurance policies they need at the lowest rates possible.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. After Nevada’s high failure rate, immigrants have been urged to start preparing for the written test early. Like legal residents, the undocumented immigrants will need to provide proof of identity and pass written and road tests to obtain the license, which will contain a distinct marker.
DMV encourages future applicants for a driver’s license to prepare for the written exam by studying the California Driver Handbook, available on the DMV webpage.
DMV officials have not yet decided whether to increase the $33 application fee for undocumented residents.
Latinos Activists, The Department of Police and Insurance leaders supported this law since the beginning. Governor had the opportunity to continue expressing his desire to keep pushing forward for an immigrant reform. With more than 50 locations throughout Southern California, Adriana’s Insurance is the fastest growing insurance agency in all of California, and we are eager to meet all of your insurance needs.

That gives those who want to get a legal driver’s license just 7 months to study for the written test – which is why efforts are underway to prepare prospective drivers for the test. The website also features sample tests that can be helpful study material for the applicants. Gallardo had the chance to address a speech with CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angels) inviting all people to keep pushing forward now for an immigrant reform. Whether you are looking for California home owners insurance, auto insurance, RV insurance, motorcycle insurance or business insurance, we can tailor an insurance plan to fit your needs.
Those undocumented immigrants who are unlicensed and lack car insurance should prepare now to ensure they’re ready to qualify for their driver’s license. The new laws are expected to increase road safety by ensuring that all drivers are properly trained, pass the DMV driving test, know our state traffic laws, and are insured.

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