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If you try to tackle all problems at the same times and make too much change, then you divide your time and energy into little parts and cannot possibly give your 100% into it. I’m paying it forward on this special day and hope others enjoy it a bit of simple perspective as we give thanks for the people, places and things in our lives. If my decisions can change my whole life, I can't help but wonder: How do I know which is the right one? Choose to marry this person or marry that person, and the difference between the two could be the difference between a lifetime of love, or a lifetime of pain.

Allison is a writer, managing editor of Prodigal Magazine and author of Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage (Moody, 2013). Whether it is homework, bringing up your grades, ending world hunger or poverty, one has to take one step at a time ┬áto make an effective and long lasting change. I think about how the biggest moments of their lives (and my life too) are usually really small in retrospect—someone said something to them, and they chose to listen. If my decisions can change my whole life, I can’t help but wonder: How do I know which is the right one?

Try seeing your daily struggles, problems and changes this way and you will see a more positive and beneficial process.

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