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This Wi-Fi drive works well with mainstream formats such as AVI and MPEG, but it needs a longer-running battery. When youa€™re late to market, youa€™d better have more features or a lower price tag than your competitors. The WD My Passport Wireless is slightly chunkier than a standard external 2.5-inch hard drive, which is par for the course with battery-powered Wi-Fi drives. The drive has a USB 3.0 interface and it will charge its battery off that bus when attached to a computer. The My Passport Wirelessa€™s repertoire is shy a feature or two when compared to some of its competitors.
The WD My Passport Wirelessa€™s streaming performance seemed to suffer some of the same issues as the aforementioned Samsung drive.
WD claims the drivea€™s battery should deliver around six hours of run time; my experience was more like four to five hoursa€”and that was without streaming anything. Attached directly to a computer as a USB 3.0 drive, the WD My Passport Wireless performed very well on most counts.
If your usage scenario jives with WDa€™s design criteriaa€”light in weight, mainstream format support, and four to five hours of battery lifea€”then the affordable capacity and solid basic feature set of the My Passport Wireless make it worth considering. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
British expats urged to take last chance to find out about correct use of European Health Insurance Cards.
A campaign to explain how British citizens should use their European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) continues throughout the autumn with talks across the Valencia Autonomous Community. Martyn Standing, who leads the campaign on behalf of the UK Department of Health, said, “After a lot of stories in the media about EHICs over the last few months, this is a great opportunity for expats to come and get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth.

The campaign has also targeted the administrative staff of the Valencia Health Authority to explain how the UK government covers its citizens in Spain and how their medical care is funded.
The campaign has involved an innovative partnership between the Department of Health and Valencia Health Authority, with European Union funding.
Talks with Department of Health representative Martyn Standing will be held at the following venues.
The British Embassy and its network of consulates in Spain work with local and expat partner organisations to assist British nationals. British nationals who need emergency assistance outside normal office hours should call +34 902 109 356 where they will be given details on how to proceed and how to contact a duty officer if needed. An Indian national may need to get some corrections in PAN details registered by the Income Tax Department of India. If you are applying for name change after marriage; submit copy of a€?Marriage Certificatea€? as well. This entry was posted in Indian Government and tagged Address Change, India, Name Change, name change after marriage, pan, signature change by allzhere.
You can also check the storage, upgrade the firmware, and change the Wi-Fi security settings here. Unlike Samsunga€™s device, for instance, it cana€™t serve as a battery backup for other portable devices.
It streamed a high-bit rate, 1080p MKV rip of Master and Commander to a laptop sitting right next to it smoothlya€”for the most parta€”it periodically stalled for up to 10 seconds to refill the buffer. Ia€™m guessing WD achieved its weight win by deploying a smaller battery than the competition. If youa€™re looking for something with longer run time, then check out Corsaira€™s Voyager Air or Toshibaa€™s SSD-based Canvio AeroMobile.

These talks will complete a campaign that has successfully raised awareness of EHICs and how to use them among British citizens and Spanish healthcare staff in the Valencia region since last September. This document lists a recent experience of submitting an application for a€?Name Changea€?. Ita€™s significantly less expensive per gigabyte than most competing drives, and it has a built-in SD card reader.
The left side sports an SD card slot for uploading multimedia content from digital cameras and camcorders. Connect the drive to another network that has Internet access, and you can pass that access through to any devices connected to the My Passport Wirelessa€™s portal. I noticed no such stalls with lower bit-rate MPEG and audio files, but I have a lot of large MKV rips and Ia€™d rather not be forced to convert them. The trade-off is probably worthwhile, though; this drive is easier to carry, and four hours of runtime is adequate for most scenarios. The process is similar for other correction related matters; only the documents vary from process to process.
It can be configured to do this automatically when you insert a card, which is a handy trick. The device and any media on board are also accessible via WDa€™s MyCloud apps for Android and iOS. For those reasons, I give the WD My Passport Wireless middling marks on the streaming front.

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