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One of the major issues of controversy in Christianity today is the role of miracles in the life of a believer. However, there is a difference, in my opinion, between the miracles of the Bible and the miracles God performs for us personally today. I could give numerous examples of unexplainable healings that have happened and often as a result of prayer. The biblical miracles are acts of God that suspend or override the natural laws of the universe in order to demonstrate his character and person in an undeniable way to many witnesses – rather than a subjective experience, they are objective realities. God has chosen not to perform those miracles in our day because the reality of Lazarus’ resurrection should be sufficient evidence for us today.

The New Testament Apostles always credit the miraculous events recorded in the Bible as having their source in God and Jesus Christ also. Those through whom God chose to act were mere instruments in the hand s of an omnipotent God. When a person is born again through the agency of the Holy Spirit, that is one of God’s greatest miracles. If miracles were common acts in biblical times and in our times they would no longer be miraculous.
Further, there are events that happen in our lives that are such a “coincidental” nature that we find them hard to explain.

I believe they may also be times when God intervenes in our lives to protect us, keep us from sin and guide us into His ways. These miracles are all subjective experiences that God bless His people with that are miraculous to the recipients, but do not serve as evidence to others of God’s existence and presence in the world.

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