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Even in recessions and challenging economic climates, life coaching remains a growing career path, second only to the IT industry.
The second fastest growing industry in the world in 2011 and a $1 billion industry according to the Harvard Business Review, life coaching is one of the few recession-proof careers today, providing a lucrative, valuable and rewarding option for those interested in helping others succeed. The myriad benefits of life coaching include the flexibility to coach from home, online or over the phone, the ability to ask for $100-plus per hour, the joy of helping others achieve their personal and professional goals, and the possibility of starting a life coaching business immediately after graduation or receiving a certification as well as the comfort of knowing that life coaching is a business that works well in all economic climates.
Participants in the online program learn how to become highly effective listeners, to evoke excellence in others, the proven attributes of a well-rounded, fulfilled life, how to conduct both short- and long-term life coaching programs, how to move others into effective action, how to succeed in any economic climate and more. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. July 1, 2013 by Fred Phillips 2 Comments Motivational coaching is a fancy name for a life coach, and exists as a niche within the life coaching field, so how do you get motivated to earn your motivational coach certification and begin your career in this rewarding field?

A niche in the coaching industry exists at the nexus of high demand and little competition. June 12, 2012 by Fred Phillips 3 Comments In the past, I have written about finding a niche in the coaching field, and getting a niche motivational coach certificationis a great option for experienced or new coaches. To that end, the Spencer Institute offers a 100 percent online Life Strategies Coach certification program focused on human potential, relationships, personal growth and fulfillment. Even more, during tough economic times, many people turn to life coaches to help them sort through big-picture issues and make fulfilling decisions.
John Spencer Ellis, an international leader in wellness coaching, personal development and fitness, The Spencer Institute offers life coaching, holistic education, nutrition coaching, sports psychology and wellness training certification programs delivered in online and distance learning formats that are designed to provide a step-by-step blueprint to success. This brings up the question – what is a niche and what is a good niche field in which to pursue a motivational coach certification?

Our certification can help more people offer the best advice and strategies for true success,” Ellis added. The programs were developed to help people find the career of their dreams while helping others live better lives.

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