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Career coaching promotes student development through education and coaching to help students make appropriate satisfying career choices.
Students discuss with the career coach various experiences in the areas of strengths, values, hobbies, any previous employment, etc.
After the student has completed the inventories, the coach will provide a personalized interpretation of the results. After the student has an opportunity to research various career and academic options, they are provided with the opportunity to discuss any questions that have arisen during their search.
If further sessions are desired, please feel free to schedule appointments beyond Session 3.
If you are a student who needs an accommodation to attend or participate in one of our recruiting events, you are encouraged to contact our office in order to make your request. To the greatest extent possible, Career Services will observe confidentiality with respect to any request for accommodation. Students who feel they have not been accommodated appropriately can appeal that decision utilizing the university appeals process. Whether its advancing your career to the next level or redefining your career direction, we can help you make the changes you have always wanted. Supporting your leaders and high performers with an independent sounding board to help them fullfil their potential.

Ignition is a coaching and training company focusing on Career and Executive Coaching and Resilience training. We are passionate about helping people develop their skills and maximise their potential with our coaching services.
We are a team of experienced and certified Career and Executive coaches based in Hong Kong and New York, all with strong corporate backgrounds, coupled with experience in training and leadership development, enabling us to effectively work with individuals and organisations to maximise performance at both a personal and professional level. Having a job or business that you love starts from first gaining balance and focus by identifying a clear direction. Many in the New Year look back and reflect on the year based on our experiences in work and life. In November 2015 South China Morning Post published an article highlighting how Hong Kong dads struggle with work life balance, a challenge faced not only to men but to women too. Services are designated to aid students in the process of choosing a major, changing a major, and matching career possibilities to their interests including personality and academic major.
This includes discussing what careers match the student's interests and what work environments fit with their personality characteristics. If you have an accommodation request, please inform us at the time we schedule your appointment so we can make any arrangements necessary. We help individuals to find greater fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.

Once you have your sights set on where you’d like to go, you can take actionable steps to reach that destination. Information on matching careers and academic programs the student may want to consider is provided, along with additional self-help resources, to help them reach their goals. This third session is a great opportunity to explore the challenges of making certain choices. Accommodations can only be arranged once a request has been received by the student, and this request has been submitted in writing to Disability Services by a Career Services professional. It is there to help process the information so the student feels comfortable with the academic and career path they have chosen.
If you are feeling stuck and still trying to figure out why, here are five possible reasons along with how to take the first crucial steps.

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