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Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Equip students with the tools, strategies, skills and knowledge to develop life-long career development & job search skills. Counselors will assist you with career exploration tasks such as deciding on a major, researching career options, or making a career change.
Counselors utilize many resources to help students with the process of career decision-making and planning.
Students may schedule appointments for career counseling by contacting the Counseling Office on any of the college's campuses. Resources for employment opportunities and preparation for entering the workforce; resume writing, mock job interviews, job etiquette and additional information may be found at the Placement Office.
Ultimately, though counselors will provide help along the way, getting into college is up to you alone. Through workshops and other targeted programs, we’ll expose you to the many exciting ways you can use your law degree.
Transition from a career in electrical engineering to a career with the potential to save lives. Appointments are scheduled at the convenience of the client and may take place in the evenings and on the weekend. Professional, degreed, compassionate and experienced men and women who are dedicated to the needs of our clients.
WCU sends another big student contingent to NCUR, but this time to AshevilleWestern Carolina University students have traveled to the distant corners of the U.S. WCU student-athlete selected for International Research Experiences for Students programWestern Carolina University junior Laney Browder is one of 16 students from the U.S. With a splash, a couple of whoops and lots of careful adult guidance, the “Watershed Moments” project got underway in Cullowhee Creek. Ceramics class students, their teacher and the ceramics club – created 100 handmade bowls for the Empty Bowl event.
If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. These resources include interest and skill assessments, computerized career planning assistance, and individual career counseling. When you are searching for a job, you are looking for current job openings and availabilities.

Since its founding in 1974 as State Technical Institute at Knoxville, the College has expanded the teaching of technology, the use of technology in instruction, and the transfer of technology to local business and industry in support of regional economic development. There are specialized vocational schools, elite private academies, huge public institutions, and everything in between.
I am absolutely not suggesting that having a mental crisis is necessary in order for your guidance counselor to learn your name. Private counselors know the ins and outs of admissions and offer extremely individualized attention.
When she's not putzing around on the computer, she enjoys reading about fonts and eating bagels. After seven and a half years in that field, I was tired of circuit design and set my sights on a job where I could actively change peoplea€™s lives.
A phone call to the Crisis Center's Counseling Services means an appointment within days.
If you need immediate assistance, please don't hesitate to use our free Crisis Contact hotline.
We help our candidates to see the broader view of what they want to do and how to be focused in life. She then held my hand as I researched jobs, put a new CV together, and applied for positions.
Career exploration is a process of choosing education, training, and jobs that fit your interests and skills. Some schools offer amazingly individualized instruction, while others make it easy to get lost in the crowd. Perhaps they have other responsibilities besides counseling students, or maybe they are just plain inexperienced.
This website, along with dozens more, can tell you everything you need to know about getting into the C-word. They’ll give you a regimented timeline to make sure that you’re always on track with where you need to be.
We are well appreciated for rendering our services in an effective manner that help our candidates find a path in making a career. Seeing as they are all designed to send young adults into the next stage of their lives, guidance departments are a vital component of a high school. Long story short, I was unable to take AP Chemistry during my junior year due to a conflict with orchestra.

Either way, this type of counselor requires you to navigate the waters of college apps by yourself. From standardized test tips to essay writing, there is more information out there than one person could possibly read. Sometimes, a third party influence can be that necessary boost of motivation to get you through the drudgery of applications. For those with helpful guidance counselors, make sure you get to know them, for they are truly a great resource. Career Counseling Services cater to individuals needs and help them in recognizing their career strengths precisely. Anyway, I am about to start my first job on my new career path and I want to say thankyou Shauna, you played a pivotal part in a pivotal moment in my life - I will always look back at this time with amazement. If you have a question about standardized testing, college visits, or anything else relevant to school, go in for a visit. If this is the case, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you don’t lose your way. Even if you do have a great counselor, doing some research on your own is always a worthwhile endeavor. Nonetheless, your guidance counselor is a key figure in preparing you for the next chapter of your life, whether it’s college, the military, or the workforce. This puts a lot of responsibility with the high schoolers themselves, especially once applications come around senior year. Having them know you personally will be a huge benefit when it comes time for them to write your recommendation. By managing things carefully for yourself, your application will be just as great as that of any other applicant. How could I ever take the SAT II in chemistry if I wouldn’t have AP Chem until senior year? Although they will not know you as well as your teachers, a good relationship is important to the application process.

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