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What can movement, postural balance and resonance therapies do for your mental and physical health?
Academics: learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, math, reading, concentration, test anxiety, etc.
Sports Performance: inconsistent performance, lack of confidence, repetitive physical injuries, coordination problems, spatial awareness deficiency, etc. Organisation and Focus: feeling overwhelmed, getting bogged down in details, trouble getting started, inability to finish projects, brain fog, etc.

Personal Achievement: insecurities, lack of self-confidence, negative personal programs, etc. Healing of Injuries: incomplete recovery, unresolved incident memories, chronic pain or dysfunction, constant misalignment of the spine and body, etc. Jillian is the founder of Revolutionary Raw Conscious Cuisine and Renegade Raw Underground Supper Club. Awakening 360 is the Portal for Holistic Living, where you'll find holistic events, workshops, businesses and special deals offered in your neighborhood and online.

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Top it off with the ability to create engaging sensory experiences with the fusion of food, entertainment and fun..

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