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The 63 combinations are composed with the 7 numbers and the 3 mega number, the 63 combinations come from the same play and it will create different possibilities to win. Now we can play the 7 numbers and 3 Mega number all at the same time to increase our chances to win in any Super Lotto Draw.
If someone promises you a fool-proof method to win the national lottery, then brace yourself, because you're dealing with a fraudster.
Sadly not even Mystic Meg can tell us the lottery numbers that are going to come up in any given week.
You could be forgiven for thinking that a lottery win is going to be life-changing stuff, no matter how many other people have the same numbers as you.
Just to be clear before we start, you cannot improve your odds of winning by selecting specific numbers. Every time the machines pick a ball, there's exactly the same odds that they will pick each number - so there's no way to use the numbers you pick in order to increase your chances of a win. You need to opt for something with a big jackpot - ideally one that has rolled over at least once. The second way to inflate your share of the winnings is to choose unpopular numbers - so if you win, there's a lower chance that anyone else won too.

It found that the number 7 was picked most often - as it's considered lucky - so should be avoided.
It also advised against choosing 1,2,3,4,5,6 - which is selected by thousands of people each week. It also discovered that people tended to choose numbers from the middle of the game card, so you may have a more unusual number combination if you stick to the edge.
However, as soon as it published this research, the university changed the way people play, because those who were trying to pick unusual numbers then started following the advice - making those numbers more popular.
All we have to do is write down all 63 combinations on the Lotto slips and pay $63 to the state lottery to make it happen.
With £278,365 each, it's an amazing windfall, but rather than buying the millionaire lifestyle, it would leave you with just enough cash for a one-bedroom flat in Muswell Hill. You could try to choose numbers that have been picked the most often before, in the hope that a flaw in the machine tends to pick some numbers out more than others, but that's simply not how it works. This was the conclusion drawn by Southampton University, which investigated how to win big back in 1998. Bizarrely the number 13 is also a common choice - because while it is considered to be unlucky, it tends to be picked by people who are trying to choose numbers that other people won't go for.

Given the fact that so many people include birthdays when choosing the numbers, it suggested picking plenty of numbers over 31 if you want to be unique.
One of the most striking examples of this effect was in the draw in November 1995 with 133 winners.
It won't improve your chances of winning, or guarantee you pick unpopular numbers, but it will remove all the bias to ensure it's truly a random selection. If you play the lottery every week, and you have average luck, you'll win back about half the money you hand over - so it's worth picking and choosing the draws you play. At the time it said that popular combinations of numbers had about 50 people playing them for every draw - while unpopular ones had one person playing them every two draws.

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