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As a result of taking the cluster offline, the Master Node will be brought offline as well. Before powering on the VM, make sure to change any DNS A record you might have pointing to the old IP address. Changing the IP in the VM properties is not enough, we also need to make sure the GemFire and the vROps cluster service are also aware of the change.
After the change has been made, all that is left is to login to the admin UI again (using the new IP address of course) and bring the cluster (and the Master Node for that matter) online again. Most people don’t want to leave their hometown or even go to a college away from their home.
They make life-changing decisions based off their friends’ choices, they live in the same place to be with the same faces, and their growth stagnates most of the time as a result. The place doesn’t matter, but rather the change in scenery itself is what lit the spark in my excitement.
The people you meet seem to possess different personalities and enjoy different things than what you once knew. All of this forces you to test how adaptable you are and how well you can function without the old reliable fallbacks.
Even now after fully adapting, I still look back into my former life with awe and jealousy of my past self. Are You Struggling With Self-Confidence?Join my community of 3,300+ members and get free access to:The Compact Guide to Charisma, Confidence, and Being Well-Liked. Vincent Nguyen is the author of Self Stairway and founder of Growth Ninja, a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads.
I believe when a person moves outside of their normal environment it allows them to step away from their comfort zone and experience new things.

And the thought of meeting new friends in the future is what spurs me in my planning to tour (slowly) the USA in a couple of years… spending a month in one city and then moving on to another. Keep that mindset of meeting new people because it’s a powerful motivator to be open and have fun. Sure, I don’t necessarily have the answer as to why I chose Arizona out of all places when I had it great in California. Maybe you will grow and overcome the barriers that you now face because you’re forced to adapt. You can see how well you do in a new world and truly hone your social skills with the benefit of learning how to be yourself without your old support system. I couldn’t wait to see the challenges that will face me and I wanted to test how adaptable I was. Take the time to get to know everyone by attending events or places that people of similar tastes would go.
How amazing is it that so many little things made you happy and you don’t even realize it until it’s gone?
Perhaps you have legitimate excuses as to why you can’t relocate now, but don’t rule out the possibility forever.
Having the realization that if you were not sad to leave then that would be the truly depressing idea is powerful.
Although I’m sure if it were something tragic I’d change my tune, but as for now I’m sticking with it; my belief is that generally change is good. Problems such as loneliness and homesickness will begin to surface and you forced to either suffer alone or force yourself to socialize. I suppose moving was a good thing because I proved to myself that I make the best out of any situation and I tossed myself head first into the new world.

Even if you downgrade from a place with beaches 20 minutes away to the middle of the desert (like I did), there are new opportunities.
Be open to the fact that it’s somewhere different and that you just have to get out of the house. I long for the embrace of former companions and the adventures that were left behind, unfinished.
They think of all the things that can go wrong or they think the old enjoyable moments will be lost forever, but it’s so easy to use this as an excuse to stagnate. On one job transfer from Pennsylvania to Indiana (a 500 mile drive) I was very sad to be leaving friends who I had loved. Finally, away from the old troubles, away from the terrible people who you feel plague your life. But then I thought to myself about how depressing it would be to leave a city and NOT be sad. If you truly do feel this way, I’d recommend first looking into yourself before any more harsh words fall out that may not be true. Test your adaptability, find new adventures, and look back with nostalgia at life’s treasures.
So my sadness cheered me up when I realized that I had, in fact, made good friends in my 2 short years in Pennsylvania. The article is updated with the details of changing the file name of an already embedded object as well.Leave a ReplyYour email is safe with us.

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