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From personal experience, I know my eyes are darker in the winter and lighter in the summertime, which would go along with your environmental change theory. Such a case of coloboma is described in the getoct database: explore database and register for free. Healthy eye (left) versus coloboma (right): The gap of a coloboma is found mostly at the bottom of the eye and runs from the front to the back of the eye but only affects the iris most commonly leaving a fairly good vision after cataract surgery. There are other people who are healthy but want to change their current eye color easy to feel better, to please others or simply make something special out of themselves. Treatment for changing the color of the eyes is a safe treatment and has been performed in more than 300 cases of people from more than 30 countries worldwide.
The treatment is performed exclusively by the clinic eyecos Barcelona, ??pioneera in treatments like laser treatment to change eye color, like laser treatments PRESBILASER the Custom Lasik for myopia among other treatments by refractive surgery. You may have some slight problem as in any other operation, but they are temporary i in a few hours and the problem will be solved. I have been waiting and wanting and wishing that i somehow could change my eye color to blue all my life.
It is past September now it is October 2014 so can you change dark brown eyes to a light green or light blue?
I live in Iran as you know its far.I would like to know If I come there.How long I must stay? Actually I dont know I have dark brown eyes or not…becuase they are dark but with green circle around them. The surgery is as safe as any other simple, have conducted studies to determine the consequences in the short, medium and long term. We stress that Neweyes Laser has nothing to do with Stroma, as they are different companies and the treatment is totally different from root. If you like the results after one session does it cost less and has anyone had hazel as the results?
I want to change my eye color from dark brown to a hazey blue, but problem is that i got mild astigmatism.. The price is from 2000 € according to the treatment to be performed depending on the degree of pigmentation. I currently have dark brown eyes and want to change the colour to a smokey grey is this currently available.
When I think of changing my eye color, it never goes further than tinted prescription contact lenses.
All the scientific details can be found at New Color Iris, but basically this thing is a disk that is surgically implanted into your eye.
Thanks for the feedback Spencer, glad to hear you are happy with NCI, and congrats on your new blue eyes!
I would also love to have this surgery done, but there aren’t that many pictures on the site… could anyone send me some pictures or get me in contact with somebody who had the surgery?
I was wondering whether spencer could share will us whether light into his eye is restricted when he pupil naturally dialates . Im so curious about the pupil dialation thingamajig…cause that sounds extra dangerous. I was thinking of getting my eye color change next month, I was quoted $7999 by a someone from coloris. Hello, I’m about to get my eye color change from brown to blue and i’m very excited about it, the question is, is this procedure safe? I was told that they can do this procedure in Canada, is it true…from my research, i realized it is only done in Panama City.
It was shown on TV (Inside Edition) and they were able to interview a woman who did the surgery. He learned about the NewColorIris procedure, an intraocular implant offered only in Panama, which can permanently change the color of his eyes.
Unfortunately me and the other 2 people who had the surgery done at the same day are not happy with it.
It`s not as simple as they explain, eventhough the surgery is quickly done , but recovery isnt that easy, u get headches, and your eyes feel very uncomfortable, like u have sand inside of them for days, and besides that, ur eyes burn everytime they put the eye drops(3 different kinds), u have to, every hour for like a week, and there is one u have to apply 3 times a day for life time, that releases the pressure on ur eyes. When we asked what shade of blue or green it would be, we were told the final color shade would depend on the natural color of our eyes, wich isnt true because me and the other guy who had the surgery done to have blue eyes had very different colors, my eye eyes are naturally hazel and his very dark brown, we both end up with exact same blue, wich is so bright and looks like a halloween light blue aqua contact lenses. NewColorIrid informed the NO light will not be restricted when the pupil naturally dialates. OKAY people I have been doing research on this company and their process for about 3 months now.
A cost effective method usually comes into play when attempting to produce a product that will appeal to the masses by becoming more affordable. It is unfortunate for the hand full of patients that didnt have the opportunity to get the procedure during the clinical trial years.
I too was interested in having the surgery, but after heavy consideration I have decided against it DUE TO THE LACK OF UNANSWERED QUESTIONS FROM DR, KAHN PERSONALLY!
I was asking if there are coloured lenses for implantation?and if yes ,what about the price?and how can I buy or import?

I’m doing great with my baby blue, I get more modeling jobs and felt self confidence about myself.
I just pray that their is no complication in years to come, with surgeries, their is always consequences.
Hello everyone, it’s has being three months since me and my two girls got the surgery, i must say i do get lots of compliments, more modeling gigs. Please don’t get this procedure done, I got it for about a year ago and everything was fine till some weeks ago, I began to experience blurriness on my right eye and I decided to go to my ophthalmologist. They said that this implant was localised on a very bad part of the eye and that the was it was inserted was very bad also. Just dont get these implants, wait for this procedure to get safer and dont get it, they look really nice on me they look really really real but it is just not worth it, the getting blind for having nice eyes. Also, the real iris can be seens sometimes as the pupil reacts to light, my real iris I could see till some weeks ago. So people if you dont want to go through what a lot of people are going through, please dont get this procedure.
WeLL I didnt have the money anyways LooL But i was planning on taken a loan but after hearing what you said i will definately not go ahead with THAT!!! I got an email back from them today saying that the procedure now costs a whooping $8495 and thats not including traveling and lodging expenses.
I’m always struck by the lovely gaze of brown-eyed people, while light-eyed people seem a bit more non-descript. I guess some eyes, if brown, are unspecial in their own right, where going to a bright pastel gives plainer eyes a striking quality via intense color. Your shrink will tell you to go ahead and do it, with a mild warning that you might go blind.
For all the criticism for going light on the eyes, I’d definitely get it done if the procedure was safer. If you search up stories or videos on Youtube you will see that most of the people who have had that same surgery are no happy with the results and are suffering.
Based on your explanations, the eye color and its change all occurs because of natural phenomena. With the little research I did, I found an article which says that people with lighter colored eyes can even change according to what colors they wear. This happens in 10 to 15 percent of the Caucasian population (people who generally have lighter eye colors)." I would fall under this naturally-changing category of eyes. Inner lesions only can be found by an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor who will carry out a full eye examination.
If the coloboma is situated well, such an implant can reduce light intensity and discomfort due to too much light. I can see the blue underneath the brown and i know this procedure would absolutely be a success. However, I’m really, really scared to do so… Is there a possibility to do one eye at the time? Does the implants make you look as if you have constantly constricted pupils or does the hole on the implant expand?
And would i be able to see clear at night and is their any complication from anyone that has had this procedure done. For years, he wore blue-colored contact lenses, even when just going outside to pick up his mail. The implant is a diaphragm that covers or dresses the natural iris and is inserted under topical anesthesia. Kerry Assil is opposed to the NewColorIris procedure, and feels the risks far outweigh the rewards. It feels like putting alcohol in a cut for the first week, because the incision there is on ur eye. They look like blue eyes of a Japanese carton character So now we have the brightest blue eyes but they dont look natural, they look like something that no one ever seen before, kind like X-MEN eyes, at night in night clubs my eyes look like storm`s eyes from x-men.
Whereby the information gathered from the initial results desired were used in the videos and studies shown on the site. I DID IT BACK IN JANUARY AND I MY DAY IS NOW CONSUMED WITH THE DISCOMFORT I EXPERIENCE ONA DAILY BASIS.
Hopefully in the future they will improve this technique so that patients won’t have to constantly use eyedrops and experience redness. The implants are dilating the pupil in a really really bad way and once I get them out there is also no guaranty that the pupil will go back to its normal state…. The eyes themselves, lashes, shape, brows, and the face, should be attractive in order for nut-brown eyes to look great.
I am truely sorry for all of those who got the surgery and have not been the same and have also gone blind. The article also says that some people notice a change in eye color if they are sick or ill.
When my eyes changed color at my young age, my parents asked my eye doctor if it was anything to be concerned about.

I was hoping if you could kindly answers some of the questions that have been bothering me about it though. This surgery, I was thinking about doing it, but just the thought of cutting your eye scares me. If anyone from the U.S that had this procedure done in Panama,can you tell me what were the travel arrangements like? After having Lasik eye surgery, however, he no longer needed contacts and wanted to find a way to permanently make his eyes blue. Despite being warned of possible risks, he flew to Panama, had the procedure and is thrilled with the results. The doctor from newcoloris said she will be able to see on the 19th of March…hopefully. So now we are experiencing harassment when we go out, people stop us all the time and ask if they r ours? It seems that so far there has been NO positive feedback from anyone that has personaly had the operation done. The only problem was when i email the doctor or his Assistant, they don’t email anymore, which is very bad for buisness. I did it in November of last year wanting to start my new year with a fresh new look and to be happy again with my life but this it what I got.
I first found out about this procedure in a magazine that claims doctors have made improvements in changing eye color, growing brand new teeth, cloning hair and invisible earing aides.
The only way i would pay that much is if i was guaranteed lifetime satisfaction w no additional costs. It is a shame that you guys had to basically be he guinea pigs for somebody elses experiment.
If it’s not FDA approved, it means that the complications and side-effects drastically overcome the benefits (if any). Tyra banks just did a show on this yesterday and the girl is almost blind, glaucoma, cataracts. A company called Stroma Medical developed a way to turn brown eyes into blue eyes, permanently, using laser. Procedure is made of the same material used in cataract surgery all over the world so the material is not something foreign and never used before.
When this part is damaged the eye stops or produces a lower amount of these cells, and the cornea gets mistier and mistier….
I am a dude but i like ANGEL’s idea of a simple one time job like breast implants…atleast one gets their moneys worth! Their pupils are clearly holes in the middle of the iris, and the iris is just, I don’t know, not so much gray as empty. I think that all of you you who are now experiencing problems and those who know people who are should start a group against it or something.
It seems that laser releases the brown pigments from the iris, and what the only thing is left would be blue, which develops over the weeks.
The shape of this product, the size of this product, the location that it’s placed in will eventually lead to cataracts, loss of the cornea, inflammation inside the eye and a severe form of glaucoma that will result in irreversible blindness. And the people who doesnt stop u, just presume they are contacts and dont really understand why u would be wearing something so unatural with so many quality contacts out there. I couldn’t stop thinking about the poor guy that had the operation done, and now has X-Men eyes, that’s fucked! I had hopes in changing my eye color from brown to green and having the lower bags removed. Science seems to twist then natural phenomena of how things occur, and make them occur in a different color. ME and the two people are trying to get the doctor to reverse the surgery or get a shade that looks like the ones in the pics, but so far no sucess, he wants to us to pay another $2500 for operating room, and thats plus airline ticket $600 and hotel about $600 for the week u have to recover there!
I mean what’s the worth of getting this operation done is even 10 years down your blinde and not able to even see yourself in the mirror?
Are all people with not-brown eyes happy with their eye color just because they are so glad their eyes aren’t brown? First step would be that I email you specific exams to be done by your opthomologist to determine if you are eligible for the procedure. And besides all of us got different answers when trying to contact DR.KHAN, and all of them by email, he is never available over the phone. Anyways for anyone in the USA or Canada still wanting to do the operation and is seriouly contemplating going to panama in say 6 months. Contact me I want to go with someone, to see the process and results, then maybe I can feel confertable doing it myself in the futur!

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