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Why should we be able to change our hair colour, play with makeup shades and dress however we want, but be stuck with the same eye colour every day? We were super excited to get our hands on Alcon Air Optix lenses – they come in a range of gorgeous colours so there will be a shade to suit every COSMO girl’s skin tone and style. If you’d like to experiment with your eye colour and try something different, you can –  for FREE* – by downloading this exclusive voucher.

Although you’re probably well aware of how eye shadow, makeup and contouring can be used to boost your beauty credentials, changing your eye colour might seem like an impossible feat. Your eyes are a crucial part of your appearance – so why not bring out a whole new side of yourself by changing their shade?
The Plasma Surface +3-in-1 Colour Technology ensures a comfortable feel throughout the day, while the bright, fascinating colours will reinvigorate old outfits and change up your look.

Just take it in to your local optometrist and they’ll show you how to use Alcon Air Optix Colors contact lenses to bring your style to a whole new level.

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