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Your prayers, donations, store purchases, and advertising clicks help to support our ministry. POSITIVE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY - GOD IS LOVE AND WORKS BY LOVE, AND BY NOTHING ELSE THAN LOVE. Join Team Maxing Out as they circumnavigate on their catamaran and drive around the world in their Land Rover Defenders. Specifically, it's about being tranformed by the renewing of your mind so that you become a new person with a new way of thinking and feeling.
No matter what path you walk to personal transformation, all paths eventually converge on the mind. The power of the mind is so great that there is considerable confusion regarding its role in spirituality. Those who have an adversarial relationship between their mind and faith, struggle to bring their unruly mind into submission. God designed your mind to be the door through which the power of his love flows into your life. It's time for you to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and a good place to start is with the Mega Affirmation!
Memorize the Mega Affirmation, and then continue your studies at the Positive Christian UNI. Opportunity hides in plain sight, and until I have a dream, I can't see the opportunities that are right in front of my eyes. There is no limit to how good my life can become when I put positive things into my mind.
When I say yes to life, opportunities come so fast from so many different direction, it's impossible to take advantage of them all. My life is mine alone, and that is sufficient authority to grant me permission to live my dreams. The only way for my dreams to come true is for them to expand from my thoughts. Negative and limiting thoughts create a chemical imbalance in my brain and make me feel bad.
The formula for a positive mind, and the method for installing a Positive Operating System.
When God created my mind, He designed it to run most efficiently using a Positive Operating System.
No amount to positive thinking will take something bad and turn it into something good.
Change happens when I think differently that I have always thought and act different than I have always acted.
No matter how long it takes, or how many times I fail, I will make my dreams come true. Every time a negative thought enters my mind I take positive action to eliminate that thought.
When a negative thought pops into my mind, I repeat positive self-talk and push my inner voice in a positive direction and restore my positive perspective.
The awards are scheduled to be presented in five categories during the 53rd Annual Black & White Ball and Business Awards at the Arizona Grand Resort on April 2. The AZHCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the efforts of the local business community, especially Latino-owned small businesses. This year’s theme for the gala pays tribute to La Epoca de Oro, The Golden Age of Latin American cinema.

David Cavazos’ 22-year career path to becoming Phoenix city manager provided him with a wealth of experience in city government. Prior to being appointed city manager, Cavazos spent more than three years as a deputy city manager, working on a number of diverse and important city issues, including development of the $250 million Arizona State University downtown campus.
Facing a general fund shortfall of $275 million when he became city manager, Cavazos worked with the Mayor and City Council, city unions, city employees and the community to get the city back on solid financial footing. David’s commitment to the community includes his works as chairman of the board of directors for Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
Under his leadership, Phoenix city employees raised nearly $1.2 million for the 2010 Community Service Fund Drive, which supports Valley of the Sun United Way and other agencies. When you open your heart to God's love and dare to call Him your Father, you are born spiritually, and you actually become a new person with a new way of thinking and feeling. When your mind is full of thoughts consistent with God's love, your thoughts are healthy, and your mind is exactly the way God means for it to be. No matter how many times I have failed in the past, I can still make my dreams come true.
You have a lot of things to discuss with your mind, and Maximum Strength Positive Thinking tells you what you should be talking about. Positive and unlimited thoughts restore the normal chemical balance, and I feel good once again.
When I focus on a thought, it forces my mind to look in the direction of that thought. It's impossible to make a positive change without fist changing the way I think. If I remain faithful in small things, I experience a tidal wave of success that carries me to destinations far beyond my early limited dreams.
They are a way that I say no to life while pretending that life is saying no to me. Your brain speaks to you in its own language, and if you speak to it in the same way, it immediately responds in a powerful fashion. The gala is the longest running formal ball in the state and honors the achievements of business and community leaders statewide.
The event is also the AZHCC’s largest annual fund-raiser, while also raising thousands for the AZHCC Scholarship Fund. The evening’s activities will feature the business awards, a ballroom dance competition, an elegant dinner, and live music and dance at the after-dinner cocktail party. He was appointed city manager in October 2009 and is responsible to the Mayor and City Council for day-to-day management of a $3.3 billion budget and more than 14,000 employees. For 2011, Cavazos said his major focus will be working with the Mayor, City Council and the community to develop a strategic plan for the city and implement Phase II of the Innovation and Efficiency Task Force. He is actively involved in the hospital’s ongoing $500 million expansion program and creation of new centers of excellence. When your heart is full of emotions consistent with God's love, your emotions are healthy, and they are exactly the way God means for them to be. Whether you like it or not, you are engaged in mortal mental combat, and your mind is ground zero. If you want to change the way you think and feel, you are going to have to change your inner dialogue.
The power of repetition is immense, and when your mind starts repeating quantum self-talk back to you, hang on tight, because you are ready to make a quantum leap to the next level.
Living as if you are a great person is a powerful idea that changes lives, and those who take it seriously change their world.

Thata€™s why change proceeds most rapidly when you talk to yourself using the language of the mind. Real Power: Maxing Out on God's Love is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.
If you let your culture, the media, the government, and politicians do the programming, you will be in real trouble.
It doesn't matter if your expectations are positive or negative, you still get what you expect. You have thousands of quantum leaps to make, and quantum self-talk is a great place to start. The basic human personality is relatively constant over time, but behavior can and does change. Living as if you are great means you live as if your dreams are possible and work each day to make them happen. They are prefabricated excuses for every failure to be what I want to be and to do what I want to do.
When God's love gets into your heart and mind, you literally become a new person with a new way of thinking and feeling. Although the wheel of change turns slowly, it always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind. If you want positive self-talk to work its miracle in your life, all of your self-talk must be forged in the fires of positive expectations.
Quantum Self-Talk is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Lack of persistentce has laid more dreams to rest in the cemetery of failure than any other cause. Maximum Strength Positive Thinking is now available in ebook Format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. In order to break the back of depression, you will have to learn how to persistently and consistently control your mental focus. I have numerous patients formerly addicted to meth, cocaine, heroine, and alcohol, who escaped their addictions without ever going to rehab.
If you ever become great, it will be because you think great thoughts, repeat great self-talk, have great expectations, and act as if you cannot fail. Zero Tolerance to Negative Thinking is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.
They simply arrived at a point where they no longer wanted to be prisoners of their addictions. You will be living theirs.The Programmer's Manual for Your Mind is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.
They changed their belief about who they are and what they can do, and they became a different person who was chemical free.
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