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Linda Callahan, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, BCD, BCPCC, CPLC can help you move toward living out all that God intended for you. She addresses the topics of life balance and simplicity, spiritual growth, depression, anxiety, parenting, marital issues, loss and grief recovery and women’s issues, life transitions, spiritual gifts and temperament, finding your God-intended purpose. And where a counselora€™s goal is to move hurting people toward wholeness, coaches help people who are basically whole maximize their lives. Over and over, people who work with a great life coach find they can reach higher and accomplish more by living out of Christa€™s life than they ever thought they could on their own. Linda Miller and Chad Hall explore the intersection of ministry leadership and Christian coaching in this excellent how-to.
Coaching is a fast-growing and effective means for supporting people as they move forward in life.
Creswell draws from her corporate and ministry coaching experience to provide ministers and other church leaders a clear definition of what coaching is and the seven basic benefits an individual, church, or group can receive through a qualified coach.
Never before has there been such demand for personal and executive coaches to support others through periods of transition. Developed by three pioneers in the leadership coaching field, this new model was created for professional coaches who want to increase their proficiency as well as for those interested in integrating coaching skills into their coaching practice. Powerful Questions: Changing Perspective offers advanced skills training for aspiring Christian coaches or those who are already certified. With the traditional argumentative dialectics or adversarial thinking each side takes a different position and then seeks to attack the other side. Whereas mentors give wise advice based on their own experience, coaches help you fully draw from the well of your own insight and ability.

The book provide an overview of what Christian coaching is, how it works, and the core skills one needs to develop to coach effectively. Hall is an ordained minister who has served as a church planter, pastor, denominational consultant, and trainer.
Solidly based in experience, each chapter is built upon an actual scenario growing out of Creswell?s own coaching experience. Co-Active Coaching presents a revolutionary collaborative approach that allows client and coach to work together to identify both work-related and personal areas of development. A comprehensive on-line "coach's toolkit" provides 35 instructive coaching dialogues and examples, skill-building exercises to develop co-active coaching techniques, coaching tips, worksheets, and forms to use with clients. The Workbook contains basic descriptions of life purpose concepts, along with blank copies of the exercises for the client to fill in; while the Handbook adds in-depth descriptions, sample coaching dialogs, and filled-in exercise examples to show how people respond in real life. She played a key role in the launch of coach training, working with Corporate Coach U to launch its first training programs and more recently with The Ken Blanchard Companies as global liaison for coaching. Along with the illustration, she provides scriptural teaching, gives explicit information on the purpose and merits of coaching, additional resources, and tips for coaching.With examples, sample dialogs, and scripture, Jane lays out what the Christian coaching approach can do.
This is the type of thinking established by the famous ancient Greek philosophers more than two thousand years ago. Hall introduce readers to the world of coaching, the skills used in coaching, and the ministry applications of coaching.
If you are brand new to coaching or want to introduce coaching to a ministry leader who is unfamiliar with the discipline, this book is a great choice. TRUTH DISCOVERY AND ANCIENT GREEK THOUGHTDialectic is a form of reasoning or argumentation that focuses on resolving contradictions, and is related to the topics such as argumentation, debate, deduction, discussion, disputation, logical argumentation, persuasion, polemics, question-and-answer method and ratiocination.INVENTING & BUILDING THINGS vs.

Readers will walk away with the tools and insights needed to start using the Christian behavior of coaching with those around them. In general parallel thinking is a further development of the well known lateral thinking processes, focusing even more on explorationsi??looking for what can be rather than for what is.DefinitionParallel thinking is defined as a thinking process where focus is split in specific directions. This leads to exploration of a subject where all participants can contribute, in parallel, with knowledge, facts, feelings, etc.Crucial to the method is that the process is done in a disciplined manner, and that all participants play along and contribute in parallel. Thus each participant must stick to the specific track.Six Thinking HatsEarly in the 1980s Dr. Valuable judgemental thinking has its place in the system but is not allowed to dominate as in normal thinking.The six hats represent six modes of thinking and are directions to think rather than labels for thinking.
The hats are used pro-actively rather than reactively.The method promotes fuller input from more people. The black hat is used to point out why a suggestion does not fit the facts, the available experience, the system in use, or the policy that is being followed. Scientists creating breakthrough cancer therapies like Clay Siegall need to practice parallel thinking to further their research. Working with others to achieve a common goal in scientific research should be more important than business or academic superiority.

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