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Some leadership gurus describe leadership as being “influence, nothing more, nothing less”.
Over the years I have read a number of leadership books and seen some of these principles in practice. The first and most important thing Christian leaders need to do is develop a strong and intimate relationship with God. Developing this intimate relationship with God through daily prayer and reflective Bible study is vital if Christian leaders are going to be all they can be in God.
We see that Jesus modeled this drawing away to a solitary place to connect with His heavenly Father in prayer. As Christian leaders we need to follow Jesus example to make sure we come aside from the business of life and ministry to make our connection with the Father. We can also learn from Scripture and receive guidance on how He wants us to lead the people we are overseeing. At the heart of this verse is being called to serve and we are to use what God has given us for the benefit of others. In Matthew chapter 20 we see the disciples having a discussion on who was the greatest amongst them. In this short statement Jesus turned their views of leadership and greatness completely upside down. Jesus told His followers they need to live different and that greatness comes not from being served, but by being a servant to others. I believe as Christian leaders one of our prime objectives should be to love and care for people under our ministry. This verse tells those in leadership to watch over those in their care like a shepherd watches over his flock. As a result of this care and protection the sheep trust and listen to the shepherd’s voice. One of the keys to successful long Christian leadership is the desire to live with character and integrity. It tells us that these qualities should be evident in the lives of those who are called to Christian leadership.
I firmly believe that as Christian leaders we need to have this same commitment to living with character and integrity the Bible talks about.
Billy Graham put it perfectly when he said “If I were ever to do anything dishonouring to Christ, I would rather He take me home to heaven before I did it”. The last words of Christ before returning to heaven are recorded in Matthew chapter 28:19-20.

This verse is a clear command to reach people with the love and saving message of Jesus and to teach them how to follow Jesus and His teachings. As Christian leaders I believe the core of what we do is to love God, love people and to make disciples.
The early church understood this and as a result many thousands of people came to faith in a short time. In committing themselves to these things, the early church members were able to grow to maturity and be sent out in their community to reach others for Christ. This book is a compilation of 52 meditations conceived in the midst of my own suffering and pleasure while building a team. Christian Leadership Radio is a broadcast equipping missional Christians with the skills necessary to become generational leaders. After reading a short eBook on spiritual leadership from John Piper, I wanted to share some real practical tips from the book that were very helpful for me. You can get people to do what you want, but if they don’t change in their heart you have not led them spiritually. The spiritual leader must be a person who meditates on the Word of God and who prays for spiritual illumination. A spiritual leader must be a person who has strong confidence in the sovereign goodness of God to work everything together for his good. Sounds like some great advice from someone with 30-plus years of experience in spiritual leadership. In an article by Gordon MacDonald he says, “the forming of the soul that it might be a dwelling place for God is the primary work of the Christian leader”. I believe this time alone with God is vital for our growth, seeking direction and for our long term survival of the pressures of ministry brings. The Gentile rulers of the day lorded their power and authority over the people and treated them harshly. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly – not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God”. He says that they provide food, water and protection and if one strays the shepherd goes out to look for the lost sheep and brings it back to pasture. Our heartbeat as Christian leaders should be to provide love, care and a safe place where people can grow in their faith and service to God.
In saying this though, it does not say that one has to be perfect to be in Christian leadership.
We need to focus our energies on loving and bringing people into the Kingdom and teaching them how to continue to grow in their faith and service of God.

Miller is currently a professor in Southern California teaching a variety of courses in Practical Theology and Leadership. Miller is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Otherwise, his faith will grow weak and his love will languish and no one will be moved to glorify God because of him. Otherwise, he will inevitably fall into the trap of manipulating circumstances and exploiting people in order to secure for himself a happy future which he is not certain God will provide. Love Both Friend and Foe By Trusting in God and Hoping in His Promises: demonstrate love, even to those who oppose your work. In this article I want share the five of the most important things I believe Christian leaders should do and be, to be the most successful leaders they can be.
Some of these include being of good behaviour, not greedy for money, not given to excessive drinking, not quick tempered, but being self controlled, a responsible steward, one that holds fast to the Word of God and has a good reputation outside the church.
Miller, is convinced that too many of today’s leaders are concerned about self-success and fame.
He goes on to talk about the “outer circle of spiritual leadership and lists about 16 traits there. Joe has a diverse educational, business, and ministry background that has equipped him to offer some unique leadership insights you wont hear from other dominant media voices. Christian Leadership is about taking a central role in taking people further into God’s plans and purposes and encouraging others into a deeper relationship and understanding of God. Christian leaders are entrusted with the spiritual lives of their congregants or employees. In the short work, Piper goes on to talk about the inner circle of spiritual leadership—which is basically the sequence of event that happens in the human soul that must happen to take the first step in spiritual leadership. Whatever area of leadership you find yourself in, you’ll find yourself to be a better leader if you implement what he suggests. This year, Piper retired as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after pastoring there for thirty years.

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