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I just watched a video from somebody (you've probably never heard of until today) who just EXUDES passion.
This video is so personal and engaging I actually had to remind myself it was a video… it felt like he was standing right in front of me, talking -WITH- me (not to me, like many people in videos often do).
And how he transformed through them to become such an incredible person who stands before you today. Download your FREE "Self Empowerment Guidebook" and also get inspirational videos, audios, and more!
Miami - In October 2009, Christian won the 'Britain's Next Top Coach' award, receiving 52% of the votes from 91 different countries. After working as a Chiropractor, Christian studied with some of the most well known leaders in the personal development industry and later founded the 'Embracing Change Experience' a powerful weekend event that has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world. Today, Christian is a sought after teacher and travels extensively sharing his huge heart, clarity and wisdom.
These videos contain the essence of Christian's unique and profound message and powerful tools that everyone can apply immediately in their lives to make positive changes.
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Barbara Marx Hubbard, the “evolutionary voice for our times,” is “calling upon visionaries, evolutionaries, change leaders, and open-hearted humans to step forward to add your unique brilliance to consciously co-creating our new world. The catch is that it likely won’t happen if we sit back and hope for something cosmic to occur. The Blooming Humans project continues to inspire me daily on this 42 day opening to clarity about my own contributions to the birthing of the new for both the world and myself.  Beautiful images and creative prose facilitate a daily focus on allowing what is most wanting to be expressed through me to step forward. One other special element that is in total alignment with their consciousness of appreciation is your ability to register for this series and set your own level of financial appreciation for their work, beginning with $0 if you are in need of their inspiration, but without extra funds.  I love the level of trust this displays. What conditioning surfaced for me with this journey was the overwhelming preponderance to anticipate a negative outcome (which boils down to the illusion of powerlessness to create).  Yuck!!!
Join the Consciousness Playground to learn, practice and integrate new skills every month that deepen and expand your ability to connect with your Higher Self. Sign up for a free email series to learn more about opening the channel to your Higher Self. How to Channel Your Higher Self in its convenient mini-book format tucks easily into your purse or case to provide quick resources to access your inner wisdom.

Evolving Together is The Answer : Channel Your Higher Self on E-LearningAfter Fat Tuesday Will You Take Off Your Mask?
San Francisco business coach Kathy Scheiern of PurposeWorks consulting firm is attending the first Accelerated Awakening Heart Summit as part of her training to become certified in Christian Pankhurst’s Heart Intelligence coaching system. Kathy Scheiern, owner and lead consultant of San Francisco consulting firm PurposeWorks LLC, is working on becoming certified in Heart Intelligence coaching with Christian Pankhurst, winner of Britain’s Next Top Coach competition and founder of the Accelerated Awakening Coach Training Academy. From June 28 to July 1, Scheiern will attend Pankhurst’s Accelerated Awakening Heart Summit at the Doral Marriott in Miami, Florida to learn advanced Heart Intelligence skills and to participate in and celebrate with heart-centered community.
The 2012 Heart Summit is the global “roll-out” of the Accelerated Awakening Community and is open to everyone.
Christian Pankhurst’s goal is to help people become more awake, more aware, and more connected through his unique training tools meant to make positive changes in the lives of those who apply his techniques. PurposeWorks LLC is a leading edge San Francisco human resources consulting firm and executive coaching company.
Pankhurst won Britain’s Next Top Coach in 2009.The Accelerated Awakening Heart Summit will take place at the Doral Marriott in Miami, Florida from June 28 to July 1. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Christian Pankhurst wins ?100,000 as 'Britain's Next Top Coach' and transforms his success into a powerful self development video series.
The prize was a media production package worth ?100,000 which inspired his love for video and led to the creation of his industry-leading online interactive coaching experiences, which are now being enjoyed by hundreds of people around the world. That was the name of the company that took us through Milford Sound, but whose name epitomized the incredible three-week vacation to New Zealand I took with my husband, Larry, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Our real journey was filled with seeing beauty that was beyond words, experiencing adrenaline-packed adventures, and relishing the joy and love of being together for this “bucket list” experience. When we awaken to our illusions we are still enticed by the familiarity of old feelings and behaviors, but now can recognize just how disconnected and uncomfortable those feelings are.  Thus becomes the spiritual practice of rewiring neural pathways to integrate new behaviors that are more in alignment with our connection to our authentic self, our Higher Self. Christian Pankhurst teaches a “heart intelligence” approach to awakening to your sabotaging conditioning and tools for living more in alignment with your authentic self.  He gives great value in this video series and it is worth the optin to get it. The Summit combines a rich experiential education, live performances from world-class artists, and a fun celebratory vibe to energize and inspire the attendees. Pankhurst won the Britain’s Next Top Coach award in October 2009, which has allowed him to grow and teach his Heart Intelligence system extensively across the world. Tickets are $250 with registration completed before May 28 and all profits made from ticket sales go to charity.

He is known for being a leading expert in the fields of intimacy building, addiction recovery, emotional awareness, male sexuality, couple dynamics, conflict resolution, stress management, and heart-centered communication. He will give you answers to these relevant questions: How to remove the resistance that holds you back in life? It’s more important than ever to create the still, sacred space to be able to hear and receive your own inner guidance for how you are going to participate in your own unique way in the gigantic, global shift that is happening right now.  There is absolutely no question you will participate, yet, wouldn’t it feel better to do it consciously? 22, 2012 marks “Day One” of the next epoch of evolution – for the next 26,000 years? His video series is well worth watching regardless, but  he will make special offers for those who resonate with his work and you’ll want to get in early on the registration process if you want these.
I also underwent a “real journey” inside as well, as I came face-to-face with another layer to this illusion of “powerlessness” that is making itself known to me this year. Heart Intelligence is a coaching method that teaches mind-body integration and grows personal empowerment. Specifically, they help people achieve ongoing success by introducing and supporting the development of competencies in skill sets such as values-driven leadership, trust building, and employee empowerment. Scheiern, owner and lead consultant for PurposeWorks LLC is a Certified Public Accountant who has over 25 years of international and domestic experience in providing performance improvement consulting to organizations and individuals. He is a leading expert in a variety of fields including intimacy building, addiction recovery, emotional awareness, male sexuality, couple dynamics, conflict resolution, stress management and heart-centered communication. So “swim” became my touchstone, my anchor for pulling me out of anxiousness and into expansion.
By balancing the importance of what is rational and readily measured with what is grounded in purpose and meaning, in integrity and trust, and in people and relationships, PurposeWorks LLC opens the doorway to next-level thinking and performance improvement for individuals and organizations. The result of learning this practice is personal empowerment which enables greater choices in life.
She is a Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant (providing values and cultural capital assessments and transformation support), a Certified Systemic Constellation Work Facilitator (in both Organization and Family Constellations), and a founding member of The Values Collaborative. As a San Francisco business coach, she has conducted numerous workshops on effective change processes, using a variety of tools and techniques to assist clients in transforming both their personal and organizational lives.

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