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Our school also provides online photography classes, certificate of completion (by request), Student ID's, free photography studio meet ups and much more! Get a solid ground on the fundamentals of the world of photography, from the camera and exposure settings through framing, motion blur, focus control, night photography and much more.
Capture those elusive scenic moments the way you see them, or the way you want to see them. Shoot on the ground in New York City in a course built on intensive hands-on photo field trips.
Thorough training is provided for using flash in various modes from Automatic, TTL, through to Manual. For an ever increasingly popular genre of photography, this course will take you through the techniques to create beautiful and delicious food photographs. Lightroom is a comprehensive application that allows you to organize, optimize and share your photography. A thorough and hands on training in the fields related to commercial and artistic photography, including architectural photography and still life. Carrie was born and raised in Dawson, Minnesota where she was a 13-time State Champion: eight in track and five in cross country. This course covers all of the basics and more and is highly recommended before any other course. Expand your skills to take full advantage of today's digital camera's ever expanding HD video capabilities. The key of this course is to guide you to efficiently and seamlessly control and manipulate the overall look of your images to your liking while gaining speed in shooting without being held back by the technicalities of the camera.
This outdoor course focuses on honing your compositional skills specifically to landscapes and cityscapes. Sessions will consist of realtime, outdoor shooting, learning the ins and outs of city-scape composition, environmental portraiture useful for travel photography and manipulating natural light. Study the work of the greats and bring those ideas and techniques into your own photography and story telling.

Learn the techniques and tools necessary to produce images from client based head shots to documentary portraits, including natural and artificial lighting techniques, posing and directing your subject. Topics include wedding and location preparation, working with equipment, shooting techniques and styles, lighting & posing and the business end of the event. Experiment and understand the techniques for creative imagery in portraiture and still life and product photography. Learn the do's and don'ts of what might seem like a simple shot, but is actually a thought out and meticulous process. This course will also include the practicalities of the business of photography from copyrighting to portfolio creation through to publishing. Start your editing journey with topics including Brightness & Contrast, Color Balance, Levels, Curves, Clone Stamp, Filters and more. Gerren has helped to launch several of Equinox’s signature programs, including ViPR, Shockwave, Equinox Training Camp, and has been featured on Fox 5 and Good Morning America. Their specialized training aims to increase strength, lean mass, power, overall well-being, and training functionality. This year, over one million obstacle racing enthusiasts will participate in one or more of the 130 Reebok Spartan Races held in 17 countries. An inspirational educator, Rachael is passionate about up-skilling instructors and has devoted her career to working with the worldwide tribe of LES MILLS™. RATEYOURBURN and the RATEYOURBURN & Design Logo are trademarks of Rateyourburn, LLC, all rights reserved.
This hands on video workshop will guide through the full settings of your camera to produce the best videos possible. This course will has plenty of fun experimentation and shooting practice of concepts such as high keys, low keys, back light and much more.
Learn the most savvy techniques that will turn your landscape images into outstanding ones. This course will explore advanced lighting, color filters, pattern, texture, image design, history of photography and more.16-18 Hours.

Reebok is hosting a series of free classes with popular NYC instructors and other fitness big-wigs this summer in Union Square Park (including the creator of the Spartan Race!) and you're invited.
J2FIT focuses on training clients for athletic competitions and special events such as Spartan Races, Civilian Military Combine, Tough Mudders, etc, aiming to prepare your body and mind for the attainment of power, raw strength, and elite endurance.
Rachael holds an Honors degree in Sports Management, combined with qualifications in Drama, Classical and Contemporary Dance. And yes, we know that it is HOT OUT - so these classes are mostly in the morning (7AM-ish) and evening (7PM-ish). Gerren is excited to be an ambassador for ReebokONE and will continue to spread the joy of health and wellness to people the world over. Currently, Carrie lives and trains in her home state of Minnesota with her husband Charlie and their two children, Ruby and Everett.
Competitors climb ropes, crawl under barbed wire, and jump over fire, as well as a host of other boot-camp-like maneuvers.
It gave him a few injuries (and a massive butt), so when he discovered the addictive nature of group fitness he was quick to hang up his skates.
Her creative background has had a profound influence on the choreography for BODYCOMBAT™, one of the most successful group fitness programs in the world. She inspires and motivates people to GET AFTER IT in life through her public speaking and training camps.
Mark has been with Les Mills for two decades and has competed successfully in international aerobics competitions. Extensive Muay Thai training in Thailand has ensured that she can hold her own in the ring, and she regularly attends kickboxing classes in New Zealand.
As Program Director for BODYSTEP™ his focus is on developing and evolving modern step-based training.

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