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Today I've decided to share with you my dear fashionistas a very interesting compilation of women's business bags and totes by Coach brand that are big enough to carry all your things, from make-up accessories to business files. New collection comes with different sizes and colors (from white, yellow, coral to blue and black). These case studies are a few examples of businesses in the North West of Melbourne who are experiencing business growth in their businesses by working ON it. Customer charter and delivery promise so that she could measure her performanceMust do’s and her must not’s to ensure minimal distraction and ultimate focusCreating a definite plan of action to keep on track. Businesses that attend the Business Breakfast takes away different learnings; these were specific to Lia and meant that in less than 12 months she had increased her net profit by 60% simply by working ON her business for about 1-2 hours per week.
During our time together we developed and refined her business direction and business growth plans. Then, late in 2012 Kristie decided that she wanted to revisit some of the earlier plans that we had discussed during her time at The Breakfast Coach.
During that time we identified Kristie’s main drivers, reviewed her business from a ‘helicopter view’, looking at it from the top down. I love supporting clients achieve business growth and developing a business that they love.
Keep an eye out in the BRW fastest growing list over the next 12 months!If you want to check out how you can grow your strong business, and love it, then simply join us at The Breakfast Coach this month. It was 12 months ago I was working with a client who was ready to literally ‘chuck it all in’…the experience of being in business had taken its toll and she was totally depleted both mentally and physically.

When we began to unpack what was driving her desire to run we discovered the core needs that would be met by throwing it all in as well as how she had arrived at her decision to literally leave it all and start again somewhere else. This discussion was a massive catalyst for change and there was much at stake both personally and professionally.So after an hour my client revealed her complete thinking on ‘chucking it all in’ and she began to see that it actually wouldn’t serve her.
Even more, with some new criteria to give it another go she could see and understand that there was no purpose in leaving at all. Sometimes we simply have blind spots and while I’m sure you would agree that we are all responsible for the decisions that we make, so very often there are drivers which are unconscious that prevent us being able to identify the criteria on which to base our best decisions.If you want better outcomes or to refocus your position and unlock some of the drivers that are impacting your business then you can.
AP Images and Concierge AuctionsAlabama football head coach Nick Saban is auctioning off his vacation home on Lake Burton in Georgia that is currently listed at $10.9 million, according to the Atlanta Busines Journal. The house, which is named The Pointe on Lake Burton, has 700 feet of lake frontage and is super private.
Inside there are six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, custom-built fireplaces, a wine cellar, and a billiards room. She was honest in saying that she had no idea what to expect or what she would get from attending.At the first breakfast Lia got the feeling that she really needed to begin consolidating her successful business as well as start growing it from a more structured approach. A brilliant outcome for a small investment, congratulations Lia, a deserving result!This success story and many others like it is the reason why I would love to invite you to this month’s business breakfast.
At that time she was considering selling her business because she was so frustrated and disconnected from it, that the thought of being in it another day made her feel anxious and overwhelmed. This time though, she decided to invest in 1:1 intensive business coaching so that she could get even more momentum in her business and take it to the next level.

There were massive risks in her taking this action and although the financial gain looked attractive she needed more criteria on which to base her decision, especially because her decision was almost totally based on how she could FEEL better. In fact she got very clear that leaving would be trading in short term pain for NO long term gain whatsoever. So now after 12 months she has had amazing results, not only has she increased her revenue 3 fold, she has been on TV and is now in the running for an award.
Outside, there is a full kitchen, a swimming dock, and a Cape Cod-style lighthouse with 270-degree views of the lake and mountains. Here is a really amazing collection of women's totes and business bags in different colors and designs.
Every totes bag model is made of Saffiano leather and come with different zips and inner pockets. For those who love printed bags will love Coach's offerings, as label has different kind of colorful and casual bags for every day use.
Her determination, resilience and courage to keep stepping up again and again was nothing short of amazing…BUT she was now at her wits end and ready to run for the hills! An outstanding result for an outstanding woman.It could have been a very different outcome altogether.

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