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We are excited that you are interested in Incredible Years® Parent Home Coaching Certification!
Step 2: Once your DVD review passes, you will be asked to send in the remaining paperwork – see notations below.
One-page letter discussing your interest in becoming certified, your goals plans and philosophy of effective parenting and your clinical experience. Weekly evaluations by each parent who participates in each of the 8-10 sessions for two different families. Final evaluations by each parent who participates in each of the four main topic area for two different families. Note: Your DVD must demonstrate the points contained in the Group Leader Process Checklist. There is a certification fee of $525 which includes detailed DVD video review and supervisory report (up to two reviews), registration process, and certificate of certification.

Only those candidates who have successfully completed the approved IY Coach training qualify to submit a certification application.
Conduct a minimum of a complete series of home visits with two families, utilizing the complete Basic video series (each series last a minimum of 8 weeks for Toddler, 10 for Preschool or School Age). Submit to the Certification Committee Workshop Session Checklists for all home sessions with 2 families.
Submit to the Certification Committee weekly evaluations by each parent who participates in each of the 8-10 home coaching sessions for two different families.
Submit to the Certification Committee final program evaluations (Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire) by each parent who participates in the home coaching sessions. The DVD should be labeled, identifying the program and submitted with the group leader’s self-evaluation checklist and must meet minimal requirements for following session protocols.
If the supervisory report has been approved by a certified mentor (rather than an Incredible Years trainer) then the cost of certification is $175.

Approved training consists of a 1- or 2-day workshop offered by a certified mentor or trainer of group leaders. Agencies may request these consultation workshops at their site or send home coaches to regularly held workshops in Seattle. For each additional DVD review a fee is required due to the time intensive process of the review and preparation of the written report. Most home coaches submit at least two DVDs (at different times, from different topics or families) before obtaining final approval.

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