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TAMPA a€” Given the fragile state of Masahiro Tanakaa€™s right elbow, every bullpen session or batting practice will continue to be watched with great interest. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild said he didna€™t know when that would happen a€” or say with certainty that Tanaka would be ready for Opening Day a€” but everything seems to be on schedule as of now for the 27-year-old. Tanaka had a bone spur removed from his right elbow this winter, but the partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in the arm was not an issue for the righthander last season. Tanaka pitched 154 innings over 22 starts, a number he would like to see swell to 200 this season. Rothschild seems hopeful that Tanaka will be ready for the first series of the season, though the pitching coach isna€™t looking that far ahead. It is even less often that we get to hear from a coach lower on the totem pole than the coordinators. Therefore, it was an interesting read to hear Jets’ QB coach David Lee talk to the media yesterday, following practice at Florham Park headquarters.

Lee talked about Michael Vick, and his influence on Geno Smith and the rest of the quarterback room: Mike Vick has been great.
He has been a great addition and has come in here and done exactly what we asked him to do. If you’re out there watching two-minute, etc., you’ll see what a great competitor he really is (and) he truly is.
Doesn’t talk a lot, but when he does I listen, we all listen because he’s got 10 years of playing in this league. I hear those comments and he’s done nothing, but I think, enhance Geno’s chances of being a better pro quarterback. When you’ve played in this league 10 years and been to the Pro Bowl like he has and have the experience he has and the knowledge and recognition of defenses (and) players. Like the first thing he asked me, walked into the meeting the other day, we were talking about Oakland, (Vick) said, “(Charles) Woodson still there?” He’s got a lot of knowledge and wisdom that he gives Geno.
I’m just shocked what a team guy he’s been from the start, but you put him on the field and he’s a competing machine now. Geno can run, Mike’s a great runner, probably the best ever in the National Football League.

So, they do have more things in common and can share about scrambling, where your eyes are going and keeping them downfield as long as you can. So, we come in there with he and Matt as one and two against Tampa Bay, we’re holding our breath. We’ve got two rookies here fixing to do this whole thing for 16 weeks and I thought it was a little bit overwhelming, which is why he was so up and down through probably the first two-thirds of the season and then he settled (down).
He’s not cocky, he’s a humble kid, but boy, he’s a confident quarterback right now at this point in time. His accuracy is improved a great deal too because his footwork’s improved because his eyes improved. Everyday.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox.

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