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Prepare to be blown away while you experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World with the Grand Canyon Bus Tours at the South Rim National Park. If a motorcoach with a lift is required, we must have a 72 hour prior notification to the date of travel all buses with lift equipment are subject to availability All motorcoaches are DOT certified, and are able to kneel to curb height Service dogs are allowed to travel with the correct and current paperwork, small oxygen tanks are allowed All reservations must be confirmed 24 - 48 hours prior to travel date The following items are prohibited on our motorcoach tours due to security restrictions at the Hoover Dam: luggage, large backpacks, suitcases, briefcases, coolers, and alcohol.
I will make my way to the central departure point listed on my voucher (and the Getting There section of the website). If you have questions or are unsure of the location, please contact us after booking to arrange pickup. The excursion was very long, and could be shorter, if the stop at Hoover Dam was eliminated.
Spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas to experience the raw and natural beauty of the Grand Canyon South Rim. Your day will start by departing from the Gray Line Tour Center in Las Vegas located just minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Get ready for a nice relaxing ride back to Las Vegas in comfort aboard our luxury motorcoaches.
Call At Least 24 Hours Prior To The Departure Date Of The Tour To Reconfirm Date Of Travel, Hotel, Pick-Up Time, And Location For Your Tour.
Prepare to be blown away while you experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon at the South Rim National Park.
If a motor coach with a lift is required we must have a 72 hour prior notification to the date of travel All Motor Coaches with lift equipment are subject to availability. During that trip, my helicopter ride was canceled at the spot due to bad weather condition.
Travel in comfort aboard our luxury motor coaches all of our Motor Coaches are equipped with restrooms, television, reclining seats, large picturesque windows, and air conditioning. Your tour will begin with a photo stop of the Hoover Dam taken from the amazing O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge, with enough time to enjoy the majesty of this engineering masterpiece, take some photos, then back on the road to the Grand Canyon. Call At Least 24 Hours Prior To The Departure Date Of The Tour To Reconfirm Date Of Travel, Hotel, Pickup Time, And Location For Your Tour. En route to the Grand Canyon, your tour guide will provide you with expert narration of the area’s most historical and interesting facts about the Spanish explorers, numerous native cultures, and the early Western Settlers of northern Arizona.

Upon arrival at The Grand Canyon National Park you will be taken to the Airport to board your Helicopter for unparralel views above The Grand Canyon for an approximate 30 minute flight over the Dragon's Corridor.
See the extinct volcano 'Fortification Hill' Visit the widest and deepest point at Grand Canyons South rim (over 8400 ft. See the extinct volcano 'Fortification Hill' Visit the widest and deepest point at the Grand Canyon's South rim (over 8400 ft.
We are sorry you have not received your refund - we will contact Gray Line Las Vegas to have this taken care of immediately.
Over thousands of years the Colorado River has been cutting through the many layers of rock and sediments while raising the Colorado Plateau. First photographed by Timothy O’Sullivan in 1871, we continue trying to capture the beauty of this geological wonder, but nothing compares to seeing the Grand Canyon in person.
A delicious lunch is provided at the exclusive National Geographic Visitors Center, where you can enjoy lunch and do some souvenir shopping before heading in to the Grand Canyon National Park. You will enjoy a 30 minute helicopter flight over the Dragons Corridor which will show you the most spectacular views of the ancient geological rock formations of the Grand Canyon, and the Colorado River.
We took a Gray Line tour from Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in the Grand Canyon National Park. Gray Line has been providing Grand Canyon sightseeing excursions since 1947, so it’s fair to say that we've mastered the amazing tour experience to ensure you have the best possible touring experience.
Upon arrival, you’ll have free time at Mather Point to explore the trails lining the canyon’s edge or to simply take in the amazing sights of the Grand Canyon.
Experience the raw and natural beauty of one of the Seven Wonders of the World the Grand Canyon. On one hand, the people were friendly and we visited one of the most amazing places on the face of the planet. Your park admission and lunch is included on this tour so no need to worry about hidden fees or extra costs.
On the other hand, the expectations were not set before the trip and the timing of the bus at various times throughout the day left a lot to be desired. Heading deeper into the National Park, we will stop for more sightseeing time at Bright Angel Lodge, one of the original hotel destinations at the Grand Canyon South Rim located directly on the edge of the Grand Canyon itself.

From the documentation we received before the trip, we thought we would be picked up from our hotel and then we'd be on the bus until we reached the south rim. Your Grand Canyon tour concludes with a comfortable drive back to Las Vegas so you can enjoy your night in Sin City.
The bus that picked us up was just a 'shuttle' to take us to the terminal where we could upgrade our tour, buy things and get on another bus which would take us to the canyon.
We arrived at the visitors centre 10 minutes late for the movie and when the movie was over, there was about 10 minutes for lunch before the bus was leaving. It was VERY rushed and there were no delays on the road to the visitors center so there was no excuse for the timing issue.
The driver also spent a lot of time threatening to leave without people if they weren't back on the bus on time. I understand the reason for this because even though we were constantly warned, there were people who were not on time but the threats were tiring to the responsible people on the bus. It seemed as though there really wasn't enough time for the bus tour and all of the things that had to occur. The terminal could have been handled more quickly and the visitors center used only as a lunch stop (no movie). This would give enough time for the stops at the canyon which is the reason everyone was going.
The bus aggravation was secondary to the beauty of the canyon but this is how you differentiate yourselves from the other companies who do this trip too so I think this needs improvement. This way, we would know and could make educated decisions about our day - you took away our options in this regard.

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